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Apr 5, 2011 02:17 PM

Jasmine Cafe in Eagleville: Today's Groupon

I urged owners, Jeff and Ying Liu, to go the Groupon route to get noticed and it looks like they finally did. For those in the area who know Salter's Fireplace and Ski shop on Ridge Pike in Eagleville, Jasmine Cafe is in the elbow of the tiny strip mall across the parking lot. I've been a regular since they took over from the previous owners of Little Shanghai, where the tasteful decor of antique photos of Shanghai and shadow-boxed musical instruments remains in tact.

Jeff earned a diploma from the Culinary Institute of Fuzhou (along with an IT degree from Drexel) and is skilled in Chinese, Japanese (no sushi, though) and Thai cuisines. He has worked for both Margaret Kuo and Susanna Foo. His interpretation of won ton soup has always intrigued me with its slivers of shittake mushroom. The Chilean sea bass with garlic sauce is excellent, as are the moo shu vegetables with spring pancakes and the tangy pepper chicken. The five spice crispy calamari appetizer is very tasty but a bit dry. You might want to ask for a side of hoisin sauce for dipping. Other than that, I've never been disappointed.

Today's Groupon offers 50% off for a lunch or a dinner. I hope local Hounds will give Jasmine a try as its location may have escaped most, if not all. Tell them Chefpaulo (Paul) sent you.


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  1. Thanks for the info CP - we've had this place on our list of places to try for breakfast. Isn't the name Thyme Cafe? Or am I confusing it with another place? Thx.

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      Thyme Cafe is maybe 100 yards up the hill from the small plaza with Jasmine Cafe and Salter's. I've been intrigued by Thyme as well but have never heard anyone's review. Jasmine is lunch and dinner only.

      1. re: Chefpaulo

        Thyme Cafe is wonderful. I've had breakfast and lunch there but haven't tried dinner yet. It's small and very nicely decorated. The menu is much more eclectic than other places in the area. We have so many pizza joints, and Italian restaurants (which I enjoy) in the area that it's great to have something new and different. They have Korean tacos, something that Eagleville has never seen ion a restaurant menu before!
        They are closed on Mondays.