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Apr 5, 2011 01:21 PM

how many gelaterias in Calgary?

I'm wondering how many gelaterias there are in Calgary. I know Calgary is a food and wine loving city.

I understand from James at the fantastic Bella Gelateria in Vancouver, that Vancouver has 37 gelaterias. He says that's the most of any Canadian city.

Margaret from Vancouver

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  1. is one.

    Fiasco Gelato used to be a chain in Calgary but I don't know if any of them are open anymore. They lived up to their name - 2 of their 3 locations closed for long renovations, and then closed shortly after reopening.

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      Fiasco Gelato sells a smaller selection of flavours at Famoso Pizzeria in Mission. I follow them on Twitter and it sounds like they might be opening a new store this year.

      Fiasco is the best gelato in Calgary, in my opinion.

    2. Not really what you're asking but I love Bella Gelateria in Vancouver... haven't found a place in Calgary that rivals the quality of Bella. I appreciated the extent the owners went to find the best ingredients for their gelato.

      1. there's Amato Gelato in Kensington with some pretty sweet flavours.

        Amato Gelato Cafe
        2104 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary, AB T2N 3R7, CA

        1. I expect James is right, and I'm sure that's because Vancouver has more warm days per year than any big Canadian city. People don't line up for ice cream when it's -20 no matter how good it is.

          1. There is a great gelato shop in Mackenzie Towne in the SE, called Uptowne Gelato.

            As for how many gelaterias we have, the last Gelateria census was in 1979, so it would be difficult for us to tell you with any certainty as of today.

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              Unfortunately... there WAS a great gelato shop in McKenzie Towne. My wife and I were just walking by the other day on the way to have a quick dinner at Sea and much to our disappointment, the sign on the door said it's closed, and will be having a small counter/selection as an offering inside the Oolong Tea House next door.