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Apr 5, 2011 12:58 PM

Houston restaurant community supports Linda Salinas

For those who haven't already heard, one of Houston's best known and loved bartenders/somelliers was involved in a scooter accident on Sunday night, and is in Ben Taub ICU at present. Twitter has been alive with information about her condition since shortly after the accident and since, a community of interest restauranteurs, co-workers, industry press and foodies / clientele has formed to provide her support in her time of need.

For information:

A site set up to collect donations has so far collected ~$3000 as of this writing:

For more information, or to get involved, follow @TeamQue_Linda on twitter and/or join the Facebook group "Our Friend, Linda":

There will be several benefit events coming up in the near future for Linda.

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  1. I don't know her or the circumstances of her accident. But I donated a bit to the fund. The lack of health insurance in the industry is distressing. My prayers are with her and her family.