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Apr 5, 2011 12:19 PM

ideas for a low-sodium lunchbox?

My husband brings his lunch to work. We're adjusting to the low-sodium lifestyle (doctor's orders!) and he is really tired of low sodium turkey sandwiches - the other "low sodium" cold cuts have WAY too much sodium. Sometimes he takes egg salad or tuna salad, but that's getting old too. Any ideas? We don't eat pork or shellfish.

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  1. I frequently take an Americanized version of a bento box. Usually a few dumplings or other appetizer type things, along with vegetable sticks/strips, some fruit, and maybe a cookie. I usually use frozen snacks/apps from Trader Joes, which can be higher in sodium, but I only use half the serving size for most items. is a great place to start.

    1. Grilled fish (salmon, tilapia)? In a sandwich or as part of a salad. You can punch up the flavors with lemon/lime/herbs.

        1. obviously you would want to tweak these in preparation of the recipes...
          butternut squash barley pilaf with some lemon zested chicken
          polenta with a veggie ragu
          leftover veggie pizza
          stuffed baked regular or sweet potato
          meatloaf sandwich
          curried chicken (from homemade breasts) or tuna salad with red onions, red apple, and celery
          lentil soup (if he has a micro or wants to take a thermos)
          rice and beans
          lime and pepita crusted salmon salad

          1. Well, there's about 90 mg of salt in a quarter pound of ground chuck. That's pretty low, considering. So homemade hamburgers - once in a while - could be an option.