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Apr 5, 2011 11:47 AM

what is your best 'prepare the night before, then shove in the oven' recipe.

i love preparing meals the night before so i use my crock pot quite a bit. Now looking for recipes that I can assemble the night before and just shove in the oven the next day. (Or variations of that theme.) Thanks.


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  1. Barefoot Contessa's Indonesian Ginger Chicken...always a hit. With rice or couscous. I sometimes make it with just boneless chicken breasts and it cooks in less time.

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      Yummy! I will try this! Thanks!

    2. I don't know if this is my best - but I did this last week on accident really as something came up last minute and we were not home for dinner. I made jambalaya preparing everything in advance except for adding the rice. I like to cook mine in a dutch oven. I browned the meat and vegetables and added chicken broth, a good slug of white wine and a can of chopped tomatoes and then the seasoning and stuck it all in the refrigerator for the kids to stir in the rice and pop into the oven so dinner would be ready when I got home. However, we ended up eating the next night instead and I think it tasted even better than normal....

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        it would be better the next day! neat idea.

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          This post reminds me of my go-to Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve Overnight Quiche: Mix up the eggs and milk, line a 9x14 with a layer of bread topped with chopped bacon, scallion, shredded cheese (whatever quiche ingredients you like) and pour egg over top, cover and refrigerate overnight.
          In the morning when everone is getting up and doing the crazy holiday thing stick it in the oven and breakfast is on the table in 30 minutes!

      2. Not quite "shove in the oven", but if I have time, I cut up all the veges and meat for a stir fry so that I can just throw it all n the wok the next evening. The vegetables (except for onion), I soak in water in the fridge and throw them in a colander as soon as I get home - that way they stay crisp.

        1. Baked Blueberry French Toast, Blintz Casserole, and pulled pork. How's that for a non-kosher trifecta?

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            Oh! Your post made me google Blintz Casserole out of curiosity, and I found this one - http://blackjackbakehouse.wordpress.c...

            It sounds divine, I have to try it!

          2. I try to do several nights worth of dinners on Sunday afternoon/evening.

            I also prep my salad veggies, (wash the lettuce, peel the carrots, clean the celery, etc.), so a salad is easy to throw together.

            Some of the standards:

            Spaghetti Sauce, (Meat or Tomato)
            Taco meat, (Picadillo)
            Chicken Curry, (Indian/Thai)
            Beef Stroganoff, (last night)
            Meat Loaf
            Meatballs, (I make these in quantity and freeze them for spaghetti or sandwiches)
            Chicken Salad
            Smothered steaks
            Beefy Mushroomy Stuff, (That's its real name!)
            Beef or Chicken Enchiladas
            Rice (for Fried Rice)
            Beef Rendang
            Carne Guisada
            Pork Tenderloin
            Corned Beef
            Italian Sausages, (Tonight's Dinner)
            Potato Salad
            Cole Slaw

            I'm a single dad, so figuring out to get food on the table during the week was a necessity. I started out doctoring up Ragu and Hamburger Helper until I realized that I could do better.

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              Hmm, tell me more about the "beefy mushroom stuff".

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                I'd really rather not.

                (but thanks for the first LOL of the day.)