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Apr 5, 2011 11:42 AM

Any Westchester restaurants host Passover seders or meals?

My parents would like to have a passover dinner - their synagogue does not host a seder and they are not comfortable attending a private one where they do not know anyone.

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  1. The only non chinese food kosher restaurants I know of in the county are Epsteins, Bloom's, and Kisco (all delis pretty much). These offer seder items for takeout instead of full dinner service. If your parents are willing to travel a bit further to Manhattan and can get seats there is a bit more to choose from:

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        I thought I heard that, but they never turned off their website (neither did Ebb Tide)

    1. Might be tough. There are a number of glatt restaurants in new Rochelle and in Riverdale., but I would imagine they close for Pesach. I bet they could order in advance and pick up for home.

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        Two years ago, we went to one at The Heights in Yorktown Heights. It was really pleasant and completely full. Unfortunately, the restaurant has since shut down. Bird and Bottle Inn in Garrison used to have one about a dozen years ago. I've been asking about them for years up here and am surprised that there are not more options available.

      2. I guess by private you mean the ones that other synagogues or other Jewish organizations are doing??? Chabad houses all offer seders. We have been to many of the Chabad of the Rivertowns (in Dobbs Ferry) family events with our kids.. we didn't know anyone... just went & it was always nicely done. There is also a Chabad Westchester with seders in Purchase. Probably not what they wanted, but maybe better than being home alone. I know in NYC there are hotels that host them as well, and you just sit with your own family. Maybe that's more of what they're looking for.

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          FYI, Rosa Mexicano in NYC is serving a "Kosher for Passover" menu this year (no seder, though). I just think that's way cool. Matzoh and salsa, anyone?

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            Yes, a hotel or restaurant is what they would probably like. At 85 years they are unfortunately not very sociable or flexible, and pretty intolerant of kids.

          2. This wonderful secular group welcomes everyone to their low priced and terrific Passover Seder. Check the activities page. If you go you will NOT feel like an outsider or stranger. They want you to feel included, and this is a terrific group. You WILL feel comfortable!