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Apr 5, 2011 11:31 AM

High Protein Dishes For Weight Training

I've recently got back into weight training and am currently trying to eat 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pund of body weight and as such am looking to get between 160 and 200 grams of protein daily. I take a whey protein supplement but prefer to get most of my intake from whole foods. I'm getting pretty sick of egg whites chicken and tuna.

Anyone able to share high protein recipes for breakfast lunch and dinner?

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  1. Sorry James, but when you are on a restrickted diet, you get protein shakes, egg whites, chicken, and tuna LOL. Maybe you can change the flavors with herbs, add lentils to your diet for protein variety... but i can't think much else.
    Hope someone else has better ideas...

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      1. Is there a reason you can't have beef, pork, shellfish, lamb, etc.? I know most weight training diets call for lean proteins, but lean beef (think eye of round, tenderloin, etc.) and lean pork (tenderloin, trimmed loin chops) have about the same amount of fat as chicken.

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          BTW - my husband and I are eating higher protein these days because we're doing P90X. Last night I grilled a lean flank steak and served it over moo shu vegetables - cabbage, green onion, wood ear and shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, garlic, ginger and scrambled eggs, sauced with a mixture of soy, hoisin and oyster sauce. It was delicious, and had very little fat or sugar (I used just a tablespoon of oil for two servings, and not much hoisin/oyster sauce).

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            Sorry -- should have been clearer. I'll eat anything, I love offal, seafood, anything. I was just looking for some tasty recipes and maybe some tips on sneaking in some protein here and there.

          2. You can definitely eat real food. Cioppino, crustless quiche made with a mix of whole eggs and whites, nut or cereal-crusted chicken breast, chili made with a lot of lean beef and a little bit of beans, crab, tuna or chicken salad made with low fat or regular greek yogurt instead of mayo (tons of protein), Nigella's chicken and sausage bake, Jamaican brown stew, ceviche, steamed mussels or shrimp, grilled steak with peppers and onions (flank steak is pretty lean), pulled chicken thighs with tomato or hot sauce.

            GHG is good at explaining how to hide protein powder in food, if she's around.

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              ha! great, now there's pressure for me to come up with something good ;)

              @jamesm, you've gotten tons of great suggestions already, but after that setup from jv i feel compelled to deliver! with a bit of finesse you can work protein powder into oatmeal, eggs, baked goods, nut butters...and you can even use unflavored rice or pea protein in savory dishes like soup, chili or veggie/bean burgers.

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                You can put protein powder in eggs?! And I've never even heard of rice or pea protein! How do they taste?

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                  I haven't heard of pea protein either. Interested to learn more.

                  I've been making pancakes with a mix of whole grains flour and lentil flour and adding some vanilla whey protein isolate. Good amount of protein per serving plus it helps me get the good carbs I need as well to hit my macros. Toss in some sliced bananas and top with a tablespoon of natural peanut butter it's a great pre-workout or post-workout meal on the weekend.

                  And thanks for all the suggestions so far. Very helpful. Oh and in regards to the comment earlier about a 'restircted' diet, it's actually the opposite. I've been eating more food than ever. On heavy lift days it's actually tough to get enough food in the right balance. It's a fun challenge though and I've been loving it. So far I've added about 8 pounds of lean mass and dropped about 2-3 percent bf so I'm at about 11 percent now.

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                    Hi, jamesm: "So far I've added about 8 pounds of lean mass and dropped about 2-3 percent bf so I'm at about 11 percent now."

                    Great. As long as you stay active, those added lean pounds are going to allow you to eat more of what you like every day.


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                    you sure can! actually, egg white protein "pancakes" are a pretty common bodybuilding meal. whisk together egg whites, protein powder, maybe a dash of cinnamon or vanilla and sweetener (i use stevia), and stir in some oats if you're not carb-depleting. pour into a hot pan & cook until firm. you can also just whisk unflavored protein into eggs before scrambling or making an omelet.

                    you've never heard of rice protein? it's actually pretty common - it's a popular vegan alternative to soy. the flavor varies depending on the product/brand - it comes in unflavored, vanilla and chocolate. my biggest problem with rice protein is the texture - it's often gritty or chalky. pea protein is relatively new, there are only a couple of products on the market - Olympian Labs & Now Foods are the two biggies. i haven't tried the Now, but i know it's unflavored. the Olympian is lightly sweetened & flavored with vanilla. it's relatively mild, and doesn't have that nasty "beany" flavor you get with soy protein.

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                        protein pancakes have gotten me through some hard diet-times. lol!

                        theyre best when you pulse the oats in a food pro some to make a really course oat flour i think

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                          yeah, you know you're committed when you actually get *excited* about protein pancakes because they feel like a treat :)

                2. Also doing high-protein here - lowfat plain greek yogurt and lowfat cottage cheese are daily consumables. I like Fage yogurt better than all the rest of the now-trendy greek yogurts; my go-to cottage cheese is Friendship, which is apparently only available in the Northeast US. But it makes other cottage cheeses pale in comparison.

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                    i think i'm going to start an e-mail campaign to get Friendship to set up a West Coast dairy. i miss my beloved No Salt Added cottage cheese!