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Apr 5, 2011 11:21 AM

Pesachdik Liquor

What's good? I am traveling and would like to stock up on things beyond slilovich and kedem potato vodka (feh!)

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    1. I second the 209 gin, very good -I couldn't find kosher for passover tonic though so that was a bit of a bummer). The Zachlawi vodka was pretty decent too as was the Casa Vieja.

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        I disagree - I found the 209 gin to be way too rough, it reminded me of all of the pesachdik vodkas I've tasted in the past. I stick to wine and good brandy, cognac if I want to pay for it.

        1. re: Beerhound

          There's also the Tio Pepe Sherry, that is definitely different than the average wine.

      2. From today's NYtimes -

        Gin and Passover: No Longer Contradictory

        Except for matzo, anything that’s made with grain is prohibited during Passover. That means the usual spirits distilled from rye, corn or wheat are off limits.

        So Distillery No. 209 in San Francisco, the gin company owned by Leslie Rudd, who also owns Dean & DeLuca, is making a kosher gin with neutral spirits distilled from sugar cane (like rum).

        Under the Orthodox Union’s supervision (a fancy version of their hechsher, or label, is on the bottle), Mr. Rudd’s distiller and a kosher winemaker have created a fragrant gin with a whisper of sweetness that’s very like the regular No. 209.

        The gin was sold on a very limited basis last year and is now available in New York and around the country.

        No. 209 kosher for Passover gin, 750 milliliters for $35 to $46, is sold in Manhattan at Crush Wine & Spirits and McCabe’s Wine & Spirits, in Brooklyn at Liquor Galore in Midwood and in Queens at Mayfair Wine & Liquor in Flushing. It is also sold at

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          I got the 209 gin. It is awesome and highly recommended to all.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. How about brandy? My daughter made a nut cake which required brandy so I ended up buying a bottle of Carmel 777 brandy for $33. It made a delicious cake and we had some to drink as well and there is left over for next pesach ...or the next time she wants to bake...

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              Plain old brandy's ok, but once you've gotten used to cognac, which is usually the best quality brandy, there's no going back.