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Apr 5, 2011 10:39 AM

Fredericksburg Va Restaurant?

Poppy Hill Tuscan Kitchen and Tru Luv's have been recommended for a nice dinner for a group of 6 in May. Which one would you recommend? Any other suggestions? TIA

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  1. I have only been to Poppy Hill once for lunch. You walk downstairs from an outside stairwell. There is no ambience at all; it was kind of a converted basement. My friend and I had lunch and it wasn't memorable. I remember being so disappointed and wondered what all the hoopla was about. They use organic and locally grown produce. I can't speak for their dinners. Our service was subpar. I've been to TruLuvs many times. The restaurant, from the outside doesn't look like much. Management really should spend a few bucks for awnings and a nicer sign. I like the food better at TruLuvs. It's quite lovely inside - not what you would expect looking at the outside. The food I've had there is better than average. I'm not sure where you are coming from but there is a little, family owned restaurant on Garrisonville Road, Route 610 (Stafford) in the Bafferton Shopping Center that has excellent food and service. It is called LaRosetta. The shopping center is non-descript with a large exercise gym, a Chinese restaurant called Formosa. LaRosetta is located at the far end next to Main Street Grill (I think that is the name). I have never been disappointed when I've taken out of town company there. Dinner service is white tablecloths. Stafford doesn't have a lot of choices other than chains.
    Good luck.

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      Thanks a lot for the feedback. I'll check out LaRossetta.

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        One thing I forgot to mention is that LaRosetta's seafood is excellent with their special sauces. I'm not a seafood person but my husband always gets some sort of salmon and other guests I've taken comment on how well their choice of seafood had been prepared. I believe LaRosetta makes their own pasta. If Osco Buco is on the menu, if you go - that would be a great choice too. Specials change daily plus you can always order from the regular menu. I love their warm portabello mushroom salad with balsamic dressing. The waiter sees me and already knows that will be my choice.

    2. Three suggestions for you...
      1. Bistro Bethem...favorite restaurant in Fredericksburg...never had a bad meal there.
      2. Kybecca Wine Bar...excellent wine selection...tapas menu
      3. Foode...opened a few months ago...focus on organic and local meat and produce...still rough around the edges but its coming into it's own.

      1. As a follow up - we went to Tru Luvs and it was a disaster. TERRIBLE service, forgettable food, ice cream where the main ingredient was paste. Next time, I will try La Rosetta.