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Apr 5, 2011 09:41 AM

Pete's Famous Hot Dogs in Bham, AL - owner dies unexpectedly

Pete's Famous was consistently voted one of the best dogs around. Hopefully his family will keep this establishment running. Anyone care to post their experiences at this Bham icon as a tribute?

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  1. Eating at Pete's was always an experience. Gus could be a bit like Seinfled's "Soup Nazi." Many times I would go in and order a "special" dog and he would ask, "Hey buddy, are you going to have a pint of buttermilk with your hot dog?" (A lot of the old timers would order exactly that, although the thought of buttermilk with a hot dog made me nauseous).

    When he asked that he knew full well that I was going to order a Grapico, which I had been doing for years. It was just his little way of trying to have some fun with his customers.

    I am not sure that I agree with the sentiment about his family keeping it going, as a good bit of the attraction of the place was Gus himself. Rest in peace.

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      Had a great time visiting with Gus back at the turn of the year.

      His dog was nowhere near as good as Lyric but I loved the worn down shop.

      You could feel the history.

      When I asked if it was ok to take some pictures he barked "you got any money?".

      I dutifully pulled out my wallet and he just laughed.

      I'd love to read some more tales of Gus and his little shop.

      1. re: scrumptiouschef

        Joe York, the king of southern film makers, has put out a video tribute to Gus

        Well worth the six minutes of your time

    2. His distinctive sign has been left to a local motorsports museum. This report seems to say the place is closed.

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