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Apr 5, 2011 08:57 AM

Hound Honeymoon?

I've also posted this inquiry in the General and Northern NE Boards. Apologies if that's incorrect!

Fiance and I are looking anywhere on the East Coast (not including DC - which is home) for a B&B in a scenic spot with proximity to a week's worth of fantastic, Hound-approved dining. Any recommendations for spots in Southern NE that fit the bill?

Any recommendations much appreciated! :)

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  1. I'm thinking north shore of Boston, maybe Marblehead or Rockport .
    In Ipswich are the best fried clams in the world. You could go into Boston or up to Portsmith New Hampshire. Check out the Greater Boston board.

    1. How about basing yourself in Newport, RI? You could stay at the Castle Hill Inn. Their restaurant is an upscale fine dining place with great food and amazing views. From there one night you could drive south to the Ocean House for another terrific meal. Another night you could drive north to Providence where there are some great Italian eateries and then another night you could go to Boston for dinner. Good luck and let us know where you ended up

      Ocean House Restaurant
      425 Old Wharf Rd, Dennis Port, MA 02639

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        I was going to suggest the same thing...Castle Hill is beautiful, they have these wonderful beach cottages and it's on a private beach.

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          I'm not opposed to being close to Boston, but was thinking that we'd have to go pretty far out to get outside suburbs and into more scenic territory. Although I've never been to Boston so maybe the suburbs don't extend out as far as I'm thinking?

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            How about the best of everything and stay on the waterfront downtown where you can walk to everything. Boston's a great city in the summer. You are close enough to Maine or Cape Cod for easy day trips.Plus you'll be next door to some of the best chow the area has to offer. here's a link to a terrific option if it's within your budget:


        2. If you end up in RI, definitely have dinner at the Back Eddy in Westport, MA (it's just over the state line). Basically an upscale seafood shack -- the food is really good, the atmosphere is fun, and the bonus is some of the best sunsets on the East Coast. The picture on their website is typical.

          Back Eddy
          1 Bridge Rd, Westport, MA 02790

          1. The Homestead in Greenwich,CT
            Mayflower Inn Washington,CT

            All Relais & Chateaus w/ great restaurants

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              I checked out the Mayflower as a potential mid-point to stay the first night and not have to drive all the way to Maine in one day. Looks gorgeous but the rates are **insane**!!

            2. It's not Southern NE, but I'd recommend Portland, ME area. Scenic + Fantastic Dining. Although, you didn't mention what time of year--it's slightly less scenic in January.

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              1. re: corinnerose

                I guess that's an important detail. Late June/early July. :)

                1. re: Aravisea

                  then yeah, I would highly recommend Portland ME. It will be a nice escape from DC.

                  Although, the north shore isn't a bad idea either. Great fried clams!

                  1. re: Aravisea

                    Portland is a great little city with lots of nice eateries. You can drive north or south along the coast eating nothing but lobster rolls and blueberry desserts, too. 8<D

                    Tons of suggestions on the Northern New England board.

                    1. re: Bob W

                      depends what you want to do, and how close to the coast you prefer to be. if it's sea you want, well, the other advisors are in the mark. but the east coast goes inland as well.

                      my wife and i spent some time off-season around western rhode island, and that was quite lovely. but we already lived n the pioneer valley, so we were looking for something diff.

                      if you don't require sea water as a ref, lemme know & i'll provide detaill about what's here. there's plenty, but it overlaps on a lotta prior posts, so...