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Hi. I’m looking for a nice spot for dinner (4peeps). I want good Italian…and tired of the UES staples. Was thinking of Crispo. Any thoughts? I’ve never been and reviews/menu looks good.

I’d like to keep it sub 30$ an entree. Cannot stand paying 30$ for pasta w red sauce.


240 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011

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  1. I went there a few years ago (maybe 3?), so my experience may be outdated. That said, I went there b/c it was recommended here, and I really liked it. Very solid food - a good variety of appetizers, very tasty paste (and none over $20 IIRC), expedient service, and a lively atmosphere.

    I'd go back in a shot (if there weren't a million and 1 other Italian places to try....).

    1. I really believe in Crispo. Not only are their pastas very solid, but their "affettati" plates (sliced meats with garnishes) are just amazing. The prosciutto with hot polenta and smoked mozzarella is probably their signature, but I personally think the bone marrow oreganato is best marrow preparation in the city. As for pasta, my favorite is the gnocchi with duck and fontina, but the amatriciana and carbonara are both delicious. And every single time I go I notice the spaghetti and meatballs on some other table and think that I have to try it some day.

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      2. Thought I would update this post with a more recent review. We went to Crispo last night and were very pleased. The four of us had pastas and appetizers and a few glasses of wine. I had the anchovies cooked in "citrus" juices -- sort of an Italian ceviche, I guess. I was really thrilled with the crisp slices of super-hot/sweet red peppers on top. For my main course, I had the pasta all'Amatriciana, which was a very authentic dish with crackly guanciale in the sauce.

        Crispo remains a favorite of mine. There are few surprises on the menu. But If they are striving to deliver the standards well, they are doing a good job.

        240 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011

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          I just ate again at Crispo today, and the whole meal was very good, but I do want other hounds to know that asking for the "primo portion" of the special pasta and pointing to the lower price may not work for you. I did that with admittedly delicious black truffle pasta which was priced at 14/25.50. As a result of the misunderstanding, both pastas my friend and I shared were double portions, we were too full for dessert, and our bill before tip was $170 for two people - way more than I've ever paid the last 25-30 times I went to Crispo, and the manager wouldn't remove a dime from the bill because we admittedly ate all the food and enjoyed it. So just be careful to ask for the "half" portion or "smaller" portion of every pasta dish, if that's what you want.