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Jan 21, 2006 09:51 PM

Long Beach Eateries?

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I've lived in Long Beach for a little over 6 months. I have really only eaten on Pine (the street and Pike) and on 2nd in Belmont Shores. I've also eaten at Roscoe's because its 2 blocks away from my place. I live in Alamitos Beach. I need new great places. It seems like when we try to find places, my bf and I have no idea where to go, so we go to the same place and try a new restaurant. Well, we're out of restaurants on Pine and on 2nd Street. Where do we go?

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  1. For great seafood try the Los Alamitos Fish Company in Los Alamitos. On Pine avenue there is a King's Fish House.

    1. At PCH & Loynes (just north of Marina Pacifica) is Enrique's, a great Mexican restaurant. On Los Coyotes Diagonal around its intersection with Palo Verde is Ferraro's, a mom'n'pop Italian. They also operate a bakery/deli just across the parking lot from the restaurant, but my one experience with the bakery wasn't impressive. Head down PCH into Seal Beach for sushi at Koi, or just next door, Italian at Finbar's. Go just a tiny bit farther to Main Street in Seal Beach for Walt's Wharf (seafood), Cafe Lafayette (they serve dinner but close around 8), or a couple of slices of pizza at Slice of New York. Don't miss Javatini for freshly roasted coffee at the corner of Central and Main. I don't think you can go wrong at any of those.

      1. Drop in on George's Greek. Great greek food and George himself greets everyone. Good environment and good prices. Sorry, I dont know the address but its pretty close to where you are at.

        1. Breakfast and Greek food at Ambrosia (Cherry and Broadway). Antipasto salad at Pizza Place on Broadway. Sandwiches and high-end deli at Olives (Broadway, east of Redondo). Pozole at Don Chencho's (maybe only on weekends) at 7th and Cherry. Aki sushi on 7th near Walnut. Cambodian at a number of places on Anaheim. Try Siem Reap. Lots of SE Asian markets along the strip of Anaheim between LB Blvd and Cherry; I like KH Supermarket. Burgers and PBR on draft at The Pike (4th, west of Cherry; they do have PBR on draft, but that's not what I drink). Sunday farmers' market at Alamitos marina (caramel corn). Enrique's (as LBQT points out) for pork dishes and good salsa. A lot of folks like Pot Holder on Broadway for greasy-spoon fare. It's packed on the weekends. I'm not a fan, though.

          No good Chinese in Long Beach. Trust me on this. Especially not Chen's on Broadway.

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            For breakfast try the 62nd Place Peninsula Cafe - take Ocean all the way down past Bayshore onto the Peninsula. It's been there since my Grandma was a kid...great place.