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Long Beach Eateries?

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I've lived in Long Beach for a little over 6 months. I have really only eaten on Pine (the street and Pike) and on 2nd in Belmont Shores. I've also eaten at Roscoe's because its 2 blocks away from my place. I live in Alamitos Beach. I need new great places. It seems like when we try to find places, my bf and I have no idea where to go, so we go to the same place and try a new restaurant. Well, we're out of restaurants on Pine and on 2nd Street. Where do we go?

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  1. For great seafood try the Los Alamitos Fish Company in Los Alamitos. On Pine avenue there is a King's Fish House.

    1. At PCH & Loynes (just north of Marina Pacifica) is Enrique's, a great Mexican restaurant. On Los Coyotes Diagonal around its intersection with Palo Verde is Ferraro's, a mom'n'pop Italian. They also operate a bakery/deli just across the parking lot from the restaurant, but my one experience with the bakery wasn't impressive. Head down PCH into Seal Beach for sushi at Koi, or just next door, Italian at Finbar's. Go just a tiny bit farther to Main Street in Seal Beach for Walt's Wharf (seafood), Cafe Lafayette (they serve dinner but close around 8), or a couple of slices of pizza at Slice of New York. Don't miss Javatini for freshly roasted coffee at the corner of Central and Main. I don't think you can go wrong at any of those.

      1. Drop in on George's Greek. Great greek food and George himself greets everyone. Good environment and good prices. Sorry, I dont know the address but its pretty close to where you are at.

        1. Breakfast and Greek food at Ambrosia (Cherry and Broadway). Antipasto salad at Pizza Place on Broadway. Sandwiches and high-end deli at Olives (Broadway, east of Redondo). Pozole at Don Chencho's (maybe only on weekends) at 7th and Cherry. Aki sushi on 7th near Walnut. Cambodian at a number of places on Anaheim. Try Siem Reap. Lots of SE Asian markets along the strip of Anaheim between LB Blvd and Cherry; I like KH Supermarket. Burgers and PBR on draft at The Pike (4th, west of Cherry; they do have PBR on draft, but that's not what I drink). Sunday farmers' market at Alamitos marina (caramel corn). Enrique's (as LBQT points out) for pork dishes and good salsa. A lot of folks like Pot Holder on Broadway for greasy-spoon fare. It's packed on the weekends. I'm not a fan, though.

          No good Chinese in Long Beach. Trust me on this. Especially not Chen's on Broadway.

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            Long Beach Eater

            For breakfast try the 62nd Place Peninsula Cafe - take Ocean all the way down past Bayshore onto the Peninsula. It's been there since my Grandma was a kid...great place.

            1. Welcome Neighbor!!!! I live right near the area as well for over 6 years!! EP!! Seen a lot of things come and go and change in my daily runs...

              You've recieved some great recs so far. Another great thing I love about living in LB is how close it is to Artesia and little India, lots of great Korean places in Garden Grove and just go up the 710 and your in East L.A. and the SGV Chinese Food restaurants!! :)



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                Not to mention Westminster for Vietnamese. I just got back from Quan Hy--still my favorite.

                For Indian, if you don't want to venture to Artesia, Kamal Palace, in Marina Pacific (downstairs from Pier 1) is quite good. Don't get the buffet, though. We love their lamb korma, matar paneer, and chicken tikka. And the tandoori paneer appetizer.

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                  and don't forget gardena/torrance for Japanese! long beach may not be the greatest restaurant town in the area, but we're sure in the middle of a lot of good stuff.

                2. I just went to Los 3 Compadres on Anaheim, a few blocks from Alex's Bar and had a really good meal. The seem to specialize in seafood and I had phenominal shrimp quesadillas and I split a mixed molcajete (contains all manner of surf and turf in a pumice stone bowl - the molcajete) with a friend. Another friend had raw oysters which he deemed excellent.
                  Los 3 Compadres
                  3229 E. Anaheim St.
                  Long Beach, CA 90804

                  1. Cafe Gazelle in Belmont Shore very good Italian food! You might also try El Burrito Jr. in Seal Beach for cheap mexican.

                    1. My sister lives in Belmont Heights so I know the restaurants well.

                      -Fave Mexican: Hands down best hard tacos and enchiladas found at Belmont Station in the Shore. Atmosphere is "eh" but good to get to go from here, too.

                      -Fave cheap Italian: Papaluchi's on 2nd Street; cash only.

                      -Fave non-cheap Italian: Cafe Gazelle

                      -Fave place to BYO and lamb or chicken skewers: Gypsy's Cafe near the pier.

                      -Fave place for a quick beer: Quinn's off 2nd street of Belmont Brewing Station on the pier.

                      -FAve breakfast: Potholder on Broadway (?), Who's on 4th (4th/Termino), Egg Heaven for heavenly banana pancakes

                      -Fave Greek: George's on Pine (he's opening a new spot on 2nd street in the shore soon)
                      - Fave swordfish: Mykono's in the shore.
                      - Fave thai delivery: PJ's THAI
                      -Fave coffee and cranberry muffins: Polly's Coffee (2nd street)

                      Have fun!

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                        Thanks, but we are closer to Lakewood. I think we are going to dennies.

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                          If you're in Lakewood, you should be eating at Dale's Diner for breakfast.

                          Dale's Diner
                          4339 E Carson St, Long Beach, CA 90808

                      2. We also live in Alamitos Beach and are continually looking for good places nearby. Here are some places we've been to with very good experiences, and would go or have gone again to:
                        SuperMex (near Alamitos) love the chips.
                        Kings Seafood (Pine St.)
                        Americana (semi-recently under new management) (Broadway) good, hearty, kids eat free!
                        Tony's (4th St.) little greasy, but good and very interesting atmosphere, tiny building.
                        King Taco (Long Beach Blvd.) delicious, my recent favorite.
                        Phuket Thai (2nd St.)
                        Park Pantry (Broadway/Junipero) everything I've had there has been tasty.
                        Canadian Pizza (4th St.)
                        Golden Burger (4th St.) our fave is the turkey club
                        La Rizza's (7th St.) good food, and interesting atmosphere.

                        1. For breakfast, I like Coffee Cup Cafe on 4th St, near Termino. If I'm remembering correctly, there's great machaca to be had on Anaheim, near Redondo. And I like the Thai place next to Chen's at Broadway and Junipero. Generally, you can cruise Broadway and 4th the same way you cruise Pine and 2nd St. Long Beach has good eats. I also like the food at the Belmont Brewery in the Shore. And if you walk east on the beach, there's a taco stand not far from your house.

                          1. The Pike @ 1836 E 4th is an interesting place to get seafood and in Seal Beach Beachwood BBQ @ 131 Main is a great place for BBQ and micro brews.

                            1. Not in Long Beach, but nearby is the Whale & Ale in San Pedro. Everything I've had here was superb. Yes, they've got your fish and chips (which are crispy and yummy), but they've also got a delicious oyster and steak pie. Mmm.. They also import a lot of beers (it's a bar restaurant) and the bar tender is very informative and helpful for non-beer drinkers.


                              1. I echo all the suggestions from LBQT. Seal Beach has a great atmosphere and is not far from you. I'd also add The Abbey on Main Street in Seal Beach for a great little bar/restaurant. They have some good happy hour specials. If you like beef, The Greenfield on PCH in Long Beach is a fun Churrascaria. Tantalum, also off PCH in Long Beach has got a great Alamitos Bay view, though the food can be a hit and miss. I think it's worth a try just for the Bali-like atmosphere. Also, I've only been once, but had a great time at Cafe Sevilla on Pine. Lively place with some decent tapas.

                                1. Take a look at the other long beach threads - There are good thai and cambodian options that's for sure. And lets not forget Bake 'n Broil.on the other side of town.

                                    1. re: Oh Robin

                                      Great blog... however can I just say that places like "Buca di Beppo" etc are NOT Italian... trust me I am 100% Italian (born and bred) and real Italian food is not found there. Great decor I must admit though.

                                      On the "yum" side re: LB, I personally love Your House on 2838 E Pacific Coast Hwy (Thai/Fusion) - very relaxed, 'homey" atmosphere and very gentle on your wallet. You HAVE to try the mango rolls!!!

                                      Other favs include Benley on Wardlow and the nearby Cafe Hiro in Cypress. I recently tried Enrique's and loved it (had to get takeout though 'coz it was too busy to let us sit there). Ah, also the House of Madame Jojo for something unique & different. I have a few more but... have to dash out for dinner (Cafe Hiro) so will resume the chat later. Ciao! Michela

                                      1. re: michim

                                        Well I've never been to Italy so I can't say I know what "authentic" Italian food is. Nor did I claim that Buca was "authentic". But it was good. Does McDonald's resemble anything you'd make at home? Of course not. I just went to Buca because I heard it was good and (gasp!) it was. I've been curious about House of Madame JoJo... what's the food like? Also, if you like Thai, Thai Basil is fantastic and cheap.

                                        Thai Basils
                                        5466 E Del AMO Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90808

                                        1. re: Oh Robin

                                          Ok ok I get it :-) what can I do, I am a food snob & I can't help it ;-)
                                          PS while I don't like 'Macca' I do like the occasional In 'n Out :-P

                                          And thanks for the Thai hint. I also like Tiny Thai, always a great little place to go for a nice meal, and Thai Corner ~ the first time I went there it was because the fact that it was a 'fast food Thai' it intrigued me, and I ended up really liking it.

                                          While we're on the subject: I should mention Sophy's, a Thai/Cambodian pearl in Long Beach (try the beef salad, you won't be disappointed).

                                          Ok, about House of Madame Jojo: you go there not just for the great food (sophisticated, well presented, Italian/Asian inspired) but also to enjoy the bohemian atmosphere and - last but not least - the very interesting artwork... an experience all around! A place for special occasions.

                                          Now I do have a question... where to go for great Dim Sum (aka Yum Cha) near LB? So far I've had to go to Monterey Park to enjoy a great dim sum brunch. TIA.

                                          Thai Corner Restaurant
                                          2615 Carson St, Lakewood, CA 90712

                                          Sophy's (moved)
                                          3720 E Anaheim St # 102, Long Beach, CA

                                          Tiny Thai Restaurant
                                          4152 Norse Way, Long Beach, CA 90808

                                          The House of Madame Jo Jo
                                          2941 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90803

                                          1. re: michim

                                            Closest places for dim sum is Cerritos. There are a few choices there: Happy House, Ten-Ten and Prince Seafood (? not sure of this name as I haven't gone here in quite awhile).

                                            Also, for XLB you can try Canaan, I love 'em there.

                                            1. re: michim

                                              Tiny Thai is great. Love the glass noodles and fried banana/coconut ice cream dessert. Just recently had the dim sum at Ten Ten... so good!!! The take out side also looked amazing.

                                              1. re: Oh Robin

                                                One time the regular side was so crowded, we put tables together on the take out side and had our own party over there. It was just as good.

                                              2. re: michim

                                                For dim sum, also try Seafood Paradise in Westminster. On Westminster, between Beach and Magnolia.

                                                8602 Westminster Blvd
                                                Westminster, CA 92683
                                                (714) 893-6066

                                                1. re: CynD

                                                  Thanks everyone, can't wait to try the "local" dim sums... might even be tomorrow hehehe. Tonight I am going downtown LB for the "Cirque de la Symphonie" concert at the LB Arena, so we might try Cafe Sevilla beforehand.

                                                  Unless anyone has more hints on downtown LB eats...?

                                                  Thanks guys, this is a great (or shuld I say delicious!) forum :-)

                                                  1. re: michim

                                                    Just had dim sum at Happy House today, was heading to Ten Ten, but they were having a banquet and only had less than a third of the tables open, made me consider that they may not have as much to offer today.

                                                    Anyways, are you looking for more fine dining? How about L'Opera, 555, Tracht's or The Madison? Have fun.

                                        2. Cinco De Mayo on Pacific is great Mexican!!

                                          I like Chens on Broadway. Not great but very good hot & sour and cheap!

                                          1. I grew up in L.B and come down once a week. The following always can be enjoyed: Frenchy's on Anahiem Blvd (near the corner of Anahiem and Ximeno--just had a great Dover Sole, the service is wonderful and we go at least once a month; Cafe Piccolo on Broadway--nice chicken piccata, great home cooked breads, wonderful service, lovely garden; Katella Deli in Alamitos--great porportions, good for the kids, nice deli;

                                            1. Anyone know where to get vietnamese bun after 6pm? Seems like they all close shop early.

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                                                can you guys put down addresses or phone #'s? i work down in long beach and am always looking for good food and that does takeout so i can take it home.

                                              2. Hello LB Chowhounders,

                                                Reviving an old thread.

                                                We will be in Long Beach the first weekend in October. We are looking for a mid-range to fine dining level restaurant to celebrate our anniversary.

                                                We are adventurous foodies and open to a variety of dining options. We would prefer a nicer place but are willing to go more casual for excellent food.

                                                Thank you in advance!


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                                                  1. re: Dagney

                                                    yup. afraid michael's is pretty much it for genuinely fine dining in lb. which is not to sell it short ... they're very good. it's just that there isn't much competition.

                                                    1. re: FED

                                                      Thank you Jab and Fed. I searched a couple of other older threads and I noticed Michael's was a consistent theme throughout. I might check out some areas outside LB.

                                                    2. re: Dagney

                                                      Michael's on Naples is great. We will be going there for OUR fifth wedding anniversary.

                                                      We recently celebrated a birthday at Sir Winston's on the Queen Mary. The menu is modeled on the ship's fine dining in the 1950s, and the food was very good indeed.

                                                      View-wise, there's always the Sky Room (in the historic Breakers). We've done birthdays there, and the food has always been good. It's a bit retro (trying for 30s and 40s glamour) and just a bit kitschy, but a lot of fun.

                                                      Long Beach, as many will attest, is just satisfied with a handful of "fine dining" choices-- and a lot of "good eating" places. And there's nothing wrong with that.

                                                      1. re: rjw_lgb_ca

                                                        i haven't eaten at either sky room or sir winston's in several years, maybe they've improved. but if you're looking for really good food, that certainly wasn't my experience. they are certainly "interesting" places, but judged strictly by cuisine ... kinda silly. which, i think, is your point.

                                                        1. re: FED

                                                          Thank you! We are definitely interested in excellent food quality. Michael's is on the short list, but we are also thinking about heading up to the SGV for Dim Sum. I keep reading about the epic Chinese food in LA and would love to try it, as our Chinese food scene in San Diego is a little lacking.

                                                          1. re: Dagney

                                                            i love lgb, but dining wise, one of the nicest things is that it's so close to places with great food, rather than having it itself. SGV is right up the 710, Brookhurst is right down the 22, Little India is right across on the 105, the great Japanese restaurants of torrance and Gardena (is there a nickname for that area?) are right up the 405, etc.

                                                            1. re: FED

                                                              Oh that's great to know. I had no idea a "Little India" existed. Ohhh the choices! That is another cuisine we don't have a lot of in San Diego.

                                                        2. re: rjw_lgb_ca

                                                          Following up on my own post:

                                                          Michael's on Naples for our fifth wedding anniversary was a HUGE hit. Like our first time, we decided to order their tasting menu with wine pairings (and an appetizer plate of salumi-- salty and sublime, pairing well with our kir royales). Like our first time, it was just a parade of delectable offerings (with two amuse-bouches) served with perfectly-paired Italian wines (oh oh that Barolo!!), and ended with delightful desserts, a crisp and sweet Moscato and coffee (that was a LOT of liquor!). Service was perfectly on-point, the second floor patio was as relaxed and comfortable as always and the night was perfect.

                                                          Sometimes it's enough that everything is perfect without drama or fireworks. And everything was perfect. Not a weak link all night.

                                                        3. re: Dagney

                                                          Michael's (both the Osteria and the Pizzeria) is the best that there is in Long Beach, but here are several other options:
                                                          - Yen Sushi on 2nd Street for sushi
                                                          - Open Sesame on 2nd Street for Lebanese
                                                          - 555 East for steaks
                                                          - Thai Gourmet on 2nd for Thai
                                                          - Enrique's on PCH for Mexican (the burritos are the main attraction)
                                                          - Congregation Ale downtown for burgers and beer
                                                          - Simmzy's on 2nd for American gastropub

                                                          1. re: humberthumbert

                                                            I have to respectfully disagree that the burritos are Enrique's main attraction. The pork shank and sea bass on the other hand...