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which brand of butter do you buy?

I usually get what's on sale. But now I tried Kerrygold Irish butter and I am not looking back. I am going to start trying them all! LOL! Which ones do you like?

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  1. Kerrygold (Irish), Lurpak (Danish) or Anchor (NZ) - all sell in London at around the same price point, with Lurpak probably being the most expensive by around 20p.

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      In Mexico local butter is too different than what a Canadian is used to. So it's Anchor or Lurpak. But Lurpack is typically 30-40% more expensive.

    2. Falfurrias Unsalted.

      A local brand to Texas. Part of Keller Dairies, (Borden, Plugra, etc.).

      Always fresh and creamy.

      1. Keller's all my life. However, I recently discovered Cabot's so when I see that brand I go there now (not widely available in my area). Although we get Kerrygold cheese in my area, I've never seen their butter.

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          Kellers here as well, but I haven't tried Cabot's yet. I'll give that one a shot if it costs the same.

        2. Jersey butter from the farmer's market
          Organic Pastures (raw)
          Organic Valley (grass fed)

          1. Organic Valley cultured butter

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              Me, too. Always nice and fresh, and no added hormones.

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                I really like that as well. I wish I could find it unsalted though.

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                  The cultured butter in the gold wrapper is unsalted. Unfortunately, the green wrapper/pastured butter is always salted in my stores.

              2. Vermont's Cabot Creamery unsalted

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                    Me three, where baking is concerned. For health concerns, I switched to Smart Balance for spreading. I wish it were unsalted but suspect that if it were, it would have little taste. As Frankenspreads go, it's pretty good.

                1. does country crock count as butter?
                  we use that sometimes..mostly for everyday toast or english muffins..
                  or bagels

                  but i have used kerrygold for cooking before..
                  and usually i use breakstones non salted butter...for most cooking

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                    +1 for Breakstone's non-salted for baking. Love Kerrygold, too.

                  2. For baking? generic... seriously. But for spreading on my homemade banana/pecan bread I make butter from heavy cream with my ninja. Works great!

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                      What is a ninja and how do you use it to make butter from scratch! Cool!

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                        Pour in the cream and use the "whipping" paddle, leave it running for a little while, it will go from cream to whipped cream finally to butter.

                    2. CHALLENGE butter, and it available, their 'European Style' butter which is even creamier.

                      1. Kate's, kerrigold, goat butter

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                        1. For American-Plugra sweet
                          For French-Bordier sweet or with algue

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                            Echire French butter from Brittany is available in US and very good

                          2. Strauss or Plugra. I go through a lot of butter, mostly Strauss unsalted.

                            1. For baking Cabots unsalted. For eating Kate's in a tub

                                  1. Kate's or Organic Valley.

                                    1. I usually have two kinds of butter in the house--Kerrygold for most stuff, but if I'm baking something that uses a large quantity of butter, I've been known to buy Land o'lakes or similar.

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                                        Kerrygold salted for me and for cooking, Kate's unsalted for my wife and for baking.

                                      2. I'm not too picky with butter, but to support local'ish farmers and good animal welfare dairy farming, I tend to pick Strauss or Organic Valley (of course Organic Valley sources differ from region to region)

                                        1. LOL (this is the only time I will type that in my computer).

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                                          1. Plugra for baking; Strauss for eating; Devonshire unsalted rounds when I find it.

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                                              Grahams organic Scottish butter. Rich, creamy and fabulous for making shortbread, tablet many other heart stopping confections.

                                            2. Kerrygold because it is grass fed and we just had to start on a grain free diet.