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Apr 5, 2011 06:11 AM

more on food blogs: post frequency

How many posts do you expect from a site?

how often to you check em?

I am hoping to get 2 a week. is this too few?? I doubt I could ever get more unless it was two good ones and one or two crap ones.

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  1. I think 2 would be the bare minimum to keep me interested. Unless you were a great author, where I wanted to check your blog just to read your writing (as I did once a week for Jason Sheehan's restaurant reviews in Westword, before he moved to Seattle), the blog needs to be updating to keep me checking. I think 3 a week would be better, but not at the expense of writing uninteresting blog pieces.

    1. I'd love to do 2 a week or even more. I have a limited budget and so try to do one every other week. I also put more time into my posts than do others. Not saying that with any sort of judgement, attitude or anything. Just saying. Some people have only a few words. Some have a lot.

      I like it when people read what I've written because I put some time and effort into it and love to get positive feedback. At the end of the day though, the blog is for me. It's my way of keeping track of places and memories. I wish I could go back and revisit some of the places I'll never get to again and include them. Sadly, they're only in my memory bank now.


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        i am just starting so i am brimming with ideas. the problem is going to be later when i have burned through most of them. . .

        i am almost thinking one a week so I can stretch it out haha.

      2. Depends on the food blogger and how many I'm checking in on each month. I rotate based on their post habits, which are easy to track.

        For instance, the popularity of contests and prizes on food blogs has added another reason to why readers check back on a blog site. Entire blog rolls exist promoting the daily contest habits running on blogs in every genre. Something to keep in mind as you build your site; both from a competitive readership stance and from a posting frequency perspective. Why individuals visit plays a (large) role in how often bloggers post.

        1. I had originally set forth to post at least twice a week and found that this is easier said that done! What with my day job, family situations, and occasional outings I have actually found it burdensome. I still say at least 2 per week is optimal and if you can write several ahead of time, to keep in a queue for those busy weeks, even better!

          1. I think two per week is a decent number. I also think consistency is important so readers know what to expect. I have followed a few bloggers that are pretty random in their posting frequency. There might be two, three or even four in one week, then nothing at all for a week or more. I have given up trying to track those.

            As a reader, I also appreciate more frequent posts from bloggers that write about food ideas that are relevant to me feeding my family. I love getting new recipes and ideas to keep dinners fresh and interesting. A blog that has more complex and unusual recipes is something I will go to for special occasions, not everyday stuff.

            Good luck to you!