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Apr 5, 2011 05:44 AM

Dunwoody - family dinner for out-of-towners

I could use some help, as I'm doing some remote planning from NJ...we're having a family gathering in mid-May and we'll all be staying in the Dunwoody area. I'm aware of the myriad chains in the area (Seasons 52, Maggianos, Wildfire, etc.) but am hoping my fellow Hounds can recommend a few local spots where a group of 20-25 of us (mostly adults, + a handful of kids over age 6) can have a good meal on a Saturday night without breaking the bank. Budget-wise let's use $30pp as an average--not sure if that's reasonable for the area or not. We'd be happy with a private room if it's possible but are open to taking up half a restaurant if that's not an option.

I'm assuming that you all don't have the bring-your-own beer and wine laws down there that we do here, so we'd like a place that at serves alcohol, and if they can provide a package deal on food, all the better. We're pretty open to all kinds of ethnic food, so I'd greatly appreciate any/all ideas.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. im sure youll get lots of ideas--i live in Dunwoody and theres a local spot caleld Allisons that could accomdate you--food is very good, not in the great category,but very good. They could fit in your group, and it doesnt ever get crowdded in the evning,so you could dawdle.. Then theres LaGrotta at the Crown Plaza---they would either fit you in the restuarnt, ot theye have several rooms that open into the restaiourant that would work--its Italian and very good. On the hgiher end and not in Dunwoody, Priccis has private rooms, but may not pass your 30 rule.On the casual side, theres a great Cuban place that has lots of room,and again is mainly a lunch place so they would accomodate you--i see kids there all the time, and they have music on the weekends--its called Palomillas in Norcross,about 10 minutes from Dunwoody.Again, youll be able to dawdle. Last casual would be another local Italian--its called Dagoods, again in Nocross, near the cuban place---good luck and let us know how it works out. BTW the cuban is owned by a Cuban immigrant and its real authentic stuff
    PS--just thought of another spot Le Petite Maison on roswell rd--maybe 15 minutes away.Its run by a French couple with excellent food at reasonable prices--they have a large outdoor area,covered, that you might be able to take over--the inside wouldnt be big enough.Its one of my fav spots,and youd be able to meet your price point with excellent food

    6470 Spalding Dr, Norcross, GA 30092

    500 Pharr Road, Atlanta, GA 30305

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      Thanks, Bob! I'll do some investigating online and will also share these ideas with my uncle, who did mention that the restaurant at the Crowne Plaza was good (much to my surprise)! Please keep any other ideas you have coming!

      Oh--and one place my aunt/uncle like and are going to check out for the group is Sugo...are you familiar with it? My understanding is it's about 15-20 mins away...?

      1. re: Curlz

        ive never been,but it is a chain deal--theres 3 of them in Atl.Reviews are decent,but didnt see any specifics on the quality of the food--sometimes places get high ratings if they serve alot of food.La Grotta has been there a long time,and is very good--i had my daughters wedding there, we took over half the restaurant and service was excellent.I think though your 30/head may be in jeaprordy at any of the better places,even Sugos if you are including drinks--youll blow at least 50/head at a reasonable restaurant. The local places,like allisons would meet your budgetSugos is in Duluth and Roswell, so id figure 20-25 minutes drive.LaGrotta is 10 minutes,Allisons 5

        1. re: Curlz

          I have been to Sugo twice and both times it was great! This is a family owned restaurant, the Castellucci's truly make you feel as though you are one of their family. The food is so good, and the service is outstanding. They also own the Iberian Pig in Decatur and it is also very very good!
          La Grotta is an excellent choice also. The food is outstanding!
          Good luck and have fun!

          The Iberian Pig
          121 Sycamore Street, Decatur, GA 30030

          1. re: Katj

            SUGOs has 3 locations here and 5 in mo--must be a big family, kind of like Cabrerras. I thought the poster wanted a unique spot with personal touch,not a corporate deal

            1. re: bobstripower

              I think this must be a mistake. I believe they only have the 3 restaurants here, and don't feel anything like a corporate deal.
              Have you been? It's really a good restaurant. You should try it. The food is out of this world.

              1. re: Katj

                Have to say that my uncle reports the same thing--that the owners are lovely, and that even though they have 3 locations, they never feel like it's anything but a terrific local restaurant.

                That said, my aunt/uncle are having dinner tonight at Sage, which they just discovered--I'm told the place is beautiful and they have a good package deal and a private room. If they like the food, I suspect it's going to be a contender b/c the location is also excellent...anyone been?

                1. re: Curlz

                  yes its a very nice spot---dont think youll hit your 30/head number there though

      2. I'm a big fan of Eclipse di Luna, though I've only eaten at the Buckhead one. I know there that you might be able to reserve/take over the enclosed patio with your group. One couple we know had their wedding rehearsal dinner there many years ago.

        Eclipse di Luna
        764 Miami Circle, Suite 138, Atlanta, GA 30324