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Apr 4, 2011 10:52 PM

5 nights in NY 40th and 6th

I love food and have a good palate. for the two nights dining alone want good restaurant that is lively within a mile radius of the hotel. I know the choices are endless, so the parameters can be Italian Greek Spanish or good old american.

The other three nights entertainiong on a medium budget so restaurants need to fit the parameter.

colleague is a heathen food wise but loves steak and simpler foods. Italian also works. Must be a place that a food enthusiant like me can also enjoy.

Thanks for any help,


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  1. What do you consider a medium budget, including tax, tip and beverages?

    1. gutsofsteel is correct to ask for more specifics re "medium" budget. However, since drinking habits can differ radically, I think it's more helpful for you to give us your per person budget for food *only*, keeping in mind that you will have to add on beverages, a nearly 9% tax, and a 20% tip.

      1. For my self personally I am okay with any budget, For my colleague and I , i would say food only $60.

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          $60 each or total for the both of you?

        2. 60 per person food only for colleague and I. My single dining experience I am more flexible

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            Tip is 20%, tax is 8.5%, beverages depends.

          2. I am born and breed new yorker. I am aware of the prices, /i lived in LA for years and now in Vegas. I WILL NOT ne shocked by the prices and will adjust accordingly.