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Apr 4, 2011 09:05 PM

Buffalo Wild Wings Southwestern Ranch copycat

Buffalo Wild Wings- you can say what you like about it but they serve a southwestern ranch sauce with their onion rings that is just incredible.

Has anyone else tried it? I think it comes with a few other appetizers.. and maybe on a salad? I know its pretty salty but i am just in love with the flavors in the sauce.

Anyway I have never been able to find a decent recipe for it or a decent store bought SW ranch. I've tried copycat recipes on the web and they just don't taste anything like it..

can anybody help?

I've asked if i can purchase just the sauce but they said it comes in a huge 3 gallon bag. I even offered to buy that but they wouldn't sell it to me.

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  1. Does the chain make it themselves...or do they purchase it from a distributor? Maybe you could get an ingredient list?

    Maybe you could submit it to a copy cat site and they would try to reverse engineer it :)

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    1. re: sedimental

      I really have no idea. I've seen some copycat recipes that get copied around the web and it drives me crazy because people will comment on the recipe and say how similar it tastes, but when I follow the recipe exactly it tastes nothing like it!

      I've tried to figure out the flavors for myself but I just can't pinpoint it.. it's not salsa-y it's just really tangy and just enough spicy.

      mm delicious!

      I used to just order onion rings for carryout and ask for 4 or 5 extra little cups of the sauce and then I would just keep it in the fridge but now they charge me 60 cents per extra cup!

    2. I haven't had it, but I waitressed at Chilis eons ago. The southwestern ranch there was just plain ranch with salsa (theirs isn't a very chunky salsa) stirred in by us waitresses.