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honey on pasta?

whenever i dont have time to make a sauce, i add honey, cheese and nuts to plain pasta. i think its delicious and makes perfect sense to me! honey, cheese, nuts and bread is a combination thats widely accepted...so why not replace bread with pasta?

my friends think im a total crazy for doing this though :(

i still love it- hopefully im not the only one

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  1. The flavor profile is similar to a noodle kugel - I can see where this would work!

    What cheese do you like?

      1. Peanut butter and jelly on bread is widely accepted - doesn't necessarily translate well to pasta. But if you like it, run with it..

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          haha fair...although ive done pasta with peanut butter and honey before.

          even better when i add a little bit of honey to bitefuls of spicy sesame noodles

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            I make peanut butter noodles all the time with a bit of garlic, ginger, sriracha and soy sauce and maybe a few veg's thrown in. No jelly though.

          2. If you like Modo Mio or Monsu in Philadelphia, you will notice that many of their sauces are agrodolce and that honey is the sweetener. Have been using honey in my sauces forever, you go girl.

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              monsu is on my list!!!

              im even more excited to try it now

            2. I'm a bit stuck on the texture... Bread can be crisp, chewy, and have a wide variety of flavors. I can see it working with more "grainy" starches, such as quinoa and wild rice, but pasta calls for a different approach. It also seems a bit heavy and in need of something sour to balance it out.

              Tweak it a bit and it makes for an interesting dessert. But as the main dish, it seems off.

              1. Lidia does a red pasta sauce and adds apples ... tart granny smith apples.

                Look --> http://www.metacafe.com/watch/4245080...

                1. Giada and some other chefs pour honey over blue cheese on their cheese platter which contains nuts. So why not on pasta?

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                    It's not that honey can't be used as an ingredient with pasta, but the fact that it pairs well with certain other foods that work with pasta doesn't necessarily mean that it all works well in concert. It's like the cheese & fish controversy. Cheese and pasta is a great combination; certain fish/shellfish with pasta is also a classic combination; however that doesn't mean you can combine cheese, fish/shellfish and pasta and get a great dish in every instance.

                  2. Why not rice? I've enjoyed a risotto with honey, cheese and nuts.
                    If you like the combo, more power to you.

                    1. I'm not a big honey fan, but I could see this maybe working with very salty cheeses or nuts. I find the honey and blue cheese combos too much for my tastes.

                      A local pizza place I once lived near used to do garlic fingers with bacon (or ham, can't remember) and drizzle honey over the top. This is not that far off.

                      1. This is my favorite honey + pasta recipe! It's so good in the summer. I usually add a little more honey. The red onion, sunflower seeds, and mandarin oranges, EVERYTHING, are a match made in heaven!

                        1. I can see substituting honey for sugar in a vinaigrette dressing for pasta salad, or in combination with some ricotta and "sweet spices" for a medieval reenactment feast-type pasta dish (there's one with flat noodles cut in diamond shapes that I've heard described as a medieval version of lasagna, I seem to recall).

                          1. Hot chiles over pasta, yes.
                            Honey, no.

                            1. Variation on a theme - 30 years ago an Italian friend shared that he always added honey to the ricotta in his lasagna recipes...I've been doing that ever since and ALWAYS get rave reviews!

                              1. I'm intrigued - what kind of cheese and nuts?

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                                  im fairly flexible- sometimes i do goat cheese, sometimes parmesan, gouda, comte....whatever i have on hand. not a huge fan of bleus but it worked. mmm as would ricotta (thanks for the tips everyone)

                                  and my go-to nut is cashews but walnuts work too

                                2. years ago when i posted under another username, i was on the hunt for a dish.

                                  at a little place in stoughton, ma, i had an absolutely amazing honey pasta dish:
                                  gnocchi with a honey/garlic/butter/rosemary sauce.
                                  it was finished with freshly shredded parmigiano and cracked black pepper.
                                  i'm pretty sure i swooned.

                                  never found anything similar since, but i'm in austin, tx and there aren't a lot of italian options.

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                                      it really was. and i've never had something just like it since.

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                                          i've tried a few times and haven't been able to replicate it exactly.
                                          i think there was a secret ingredient in there that i haven't figured out yet.

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                                      Gnocchi is often served as a sweet dessert with a fruit filling and sauce.

                                    3. If you have a fondness for honey on pasta you might enjoy this beggar's linguine. It was on our dinner table tonight and very tasty. http://doriegreenspan.com/2011/01/the...

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                                        oo thanks so much! i just bought around my french table- this looks fantastic- looks like tomorrow night ill be cooking some pasta and hanging out with my half full bottle of wine that i need to finish :) the fig preserves i just bought will be perfect with this pasta. dont even know if ill need the honey

                                      2. You're not the only one! :) I use honey, pecorino cheese, and a ton of black pepper as well as toasted hazelnuts all the time! :) YUM. And today I tried salted black sundried olives with that combo instead of the hazelnuts....YUM.