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Apr 4, 2011 07:02 PM

PLEASE HELP! Chowhound recommendations for weekday lunch in SANTA BARBARA??!

Hi Chowhounders,

We're taking a road trip up north and wanted to stop off in Santa Barbara for a weekday lunch.

We're thinking of SANTA BARBARA SHELLFISH CO since my family loves fresh seafood.

Is there any other place we're overlooking in SB? (Any advice on PARKING in Santa Barbara would be appreciated as well.)


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  1. this thread is a good place to start looking. It begins discussing Mexican food, but then diversifies.

    see the threads listed just below as well...

    1. You can drive and park right on the Stearn's Wharf which you enter at the ocean end of State Street to enjoy Santa Barbara Shellfish - casual place, limited indoor seating but if the day is wonderful you can enjoy a takeaway item at the tables outside.

      Be sure to get your parking ticket validated by one of the wharf merchants or else there is a fee for parking on the wharf. You should have no problem with parking here during the week.

      For me, no SB restaurant stands out for fresh seafood, though there are those that claim this is their specialty. Visiting Stearn's Wharf for the novelty, the sweeping views and sound of seagulls is always a treat.

      1. There is street parking, garages, and lots on State Street free for the first 75 minutes. $1.50 per hour after that.
        If you park downtown away from the wharf, you can take the Shuttle bus (green & white bus) for 25 cents. It runs every 15 mins.

        I agree with glbtrtr, I wasn't impressed by the quality at the Stearn's Wharf restaurants.

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          We have had abominable experiences at Enterprise Fish Company which is down by the waterfront. Yet Fish is their middle name. Not sure why good seafood is so elusive in this town. Maybe the best choice are the sushi restaurants - the scallops at Arigato 1200 block of State Street are superb.