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Apr 4, 2011 05:56 PM

Easy and Impressive dinner for Saturday

My cousin and her husband and 3 year old daughter are visiting this weekend. I know I want to serve a vegetable "tart tartin" as a side. i'm still debating on what to serve as a protein. Roast chicken? Beef? And desserts? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Roast chicken is always my standby when I have guests for dinner. It's delicious, difficult to stuff up and there's something so homely and welcoming about a roast chicken. If I'm in the mood I also like to wrap it with some pancetta or bacon (whatever's on hand), which keeps it wonderfully moist and you have the added bonus of serving up some crispy bacon too.

    I'm assuming that you're in the Northern Hemisphere (as majority of CH'ers seem to be) and coming into summer. If so, this pavlova is an absolutely sensational way to end a meal. It's light, not too sweet and so yummy that I have never served it without everyone asking for the recipe. You can top it with whatever seasonal fruit you like, personally I use strawberries, blueberries and kiwi fruit, but really the only limit is what's in your fruitbowl :)

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      Just curious, when you do roast chicken for company, how do you serve it. I find them too small to carve a la turkey, so do you cook two and quarter them?

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        I solve the problem by giving the honours of carving to Mr Huntress. As he was once a chef in a past life he has the skills I lack to carve a bird. But yes, he carves them the same way you would a turkey. I think he does this mainly because he doesn't like meat on the bone(heathen!) whereas I'd fight dirty for a leg :)

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          TheHuntress' post is great for ooh and aah's at the dinner table or present your guests with the whole chicken and then whisk away to the kitchen to carve into breasts, drumsticks, thighs, wings,etc

    2. I've cooked for a whole lot of people, Miss G, and I can tell you this: not a single one ever complained and almost always complimented a great roast chicken. And for dessert, you want to avoid pastry to avoid doubling up with your tarte; so maybe a strawberry sauce over good vanilla-bean ice cream with some chocolate cake or chocolate crackle cookies.

      1. Agree totally on the roast chicken.