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Apr 4, 2011 05:54 PM

Best Corn Dogs in New Orleans

I am in search of the best corn dogs in New Orleans. Could be traditional, non-tradition, fancy or the plain old deep fried goodness. I am corn dog obsessed and will be visting New Orleans soon!

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  1. American Sector in the WWII Museum. The dog is house made, and the breading is not overly sweet, has a true corn flavor and is fried to perfection. It's on the kids menu, comes with excellent fries and the whole shebang is served in a cute little metal lunchbox. But make no mistake, it's a grown up dog (and not small either). This is a John Besh restaurant, his take on retro American comfort food. Good cocktails too or you can get a big seltzer bottle with homemade syrup flavorings for the table. Tasty fun.

    Depending on when you'll be in town, a new place opening on Freret St. will have a killer pork belly corn dog on the menu (I hope). They were making them at the recent Hogs for the Cause BBQ event and people were swooning. It's called The Company Burger, they're supposed to open early summer 2011.

    1. The Roosevelt Hotel Bar is doing some kind of shrimp corn dog app.

      1. not your normal corndog, but swizzle stick bar in loews hotel has shrimp and tasso corndog with pepper jelly. it was yummy.