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Apr 4, 2011 05:31 PM

I'm in love with spaetzel.

There I said it.


My 2 year old just says, "Mm mmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm." As she eats it.

My boys 6 and 8, can't get enough.

I push it through my ricer -- works great; batter is 5 ingredients (eggs, milk, salt, nutmeg & flour). The biggest issue is to make sure you have plenty of water and it is high in the pot so the spaetzel don't touch as they come out of the ricer.

I want to play with adding stuff to the batter (chopped up rosemary, roasted garlic, etc.) but I don't want to mess with a good thing.

Anyone have any personal experience?

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  1. It's spelled "spaetzle" and you will find many threads on this board if you click the advanced search button on the page that appears after you type spaetzle into the box at the top of this page.

    I bought a bunch of dried things online last fall, including cabbage powder. For months, I couldn't figure out why that one, until I remembered having the idea to include it in spaetzle.
    But I haven't yet. I do put grated parmesan in spaetzle, and have also used cheddar powder with granulated shallots. Anything in a gnocchi recipe works with spaetzle, their cousin.
    I created a spaetzle press by poking holes in a styrofoam tray using knitting needles. I use a bench scraper to trowel the batter. This makes them the same diameter as a spaetzle-maker, which is larger than you get with a colander or ricer.

    1. I've only ever tried it plain, it waaay better made at home than the dried stuff. You could start by adding a single clove of roasted garlic, its milder than fresh. or adding chopped fresh chives, perhaps a few finely chopped herbs. As far as I know its usually not something you add a lot to, except maybe some grated cheese, like emmental or gruyere. I like the alpine versions myself.

      personally I find Gnocchi and Spaetzle to taste very different, especially the texture. Mind you I make potato gnocci. I'm more of a traditionalist I guess.

      1. ive seen lots of good takes on it. one of my favorites adds pureed spinach. another i love adds whole grain mustard.

        also, if you dont wanna mess around with the dough/batter itself, it makes a great sub for the macaroni in mac n cheese.

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          Now there is an idea the boys and I could get behind!


        2. An interesting variation includes grated apple in the batter. I think it's a Swiss idea.

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          1. I adore spaetzel. But really suggest a specialized maker. About 1/3 of the work and easier to clean.

            I think DH uses the Wolfgang Puck recipe.