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Apr 4, 2011 05:18 PM

Best Food Town on the Amalfi Coast

Hello CHs... I know this question has been asked in a roundabout way in the past, but many posts are several years old, so thought I'd ask now.
We thought we were booked to stay in Furore, but that fell through, so now I'd like to know where the best food-town on the Amalfi Coast is, and book that way.

Sorrento? Positano? Amalfi?



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  1. Cetara - according my my friend who lives on the AC.

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    1. re: ekc

      Sorrento is probably the worst food town in the area. (It is NOT, by the way, on the Amalfi Coast).

      I emphatically agree that Cetara is the food mecca, although from what I have been reading lately in preparation or an upcoming trip, there is some good eating in Furore, too.

      1. re: erica

        this is a fun question, but it seems like it leaves out other relevant factors, like what else the OP intends to do on this visit. Cetara certainly has a few good restaurants, but its all the way at one end of the Amalfi coast, so that touring would require relatively long journeys both ways.

        We were very happy in the middle of the Coast at Ravello, with easy access to Amalfi, Atrani, Minori and the hill hamlets (would be a quick run up to Tramonti!) and it is more centrally located for touring, with a number of good restaurants.

        It seems to me that the end of the coast with Praiano, Conca d'Oro, etc could also be good since there would be better access to the food meccas of the Sorrentine Peninsula, as well as the Amalfi coast.

        In fact, I might consider basing in Massa Lubrense, which seems to be full of good restaurants if food was my prime objective!

        1. re: jen kalb

          HA! I forgot that people do things other than eat while on vacation in italy! It is true that Cetara is rather a long slog from the more popular towns. I found myself with an eye on my watch, thinking about the bus timetable, while dining.

    2. One thing for sure, Positano is NOT....very touristy and overpriced.

      1. I've enjoyed eating in little Praiano where I went in 2010 and 2007. In the main piazza in town, I ate very well at the down to earth Gennaro restaurant. Across the main road from the Hotel Tramonto D'Oro there's a pizza restaurant upstairs (don't recall the name now) where the cherry tomato and mozzarella pizza was fabulous. If you feel like a more up market meal, the restaurant in the Hotel Tramonto D'Oro is good too.

        Further out of town on the main road heading towards Amalfi just below the Ondaverde Hotel right at the sea is Paradies restaurant, also very good.

        I liked less touristed, more down to earth Praiano a lot, having travelled quite a bit on the Amalfi Coast.

        Buon appetito e buon viaggio!

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        1. re: margaretcowan

          Would the pizza place be Le Brace?

          Interesting that Tramonti (hilltown above Maiori) appears to be the hometown of many of Italy's piazzioli. Would be interesting to head up there for pizza!

        2. You CHs are all fabulous...thanks for the replies! Yes- there will be other things to do, like visit Capri, see the other small towns, but we will have a car, and aren't worried about driving around. I would like to pick a place that we can leave from to explore, but yet come back and be able to walk to dinner.

          I had ruled out Sorrento, and was leaning towards Amalfi, but I will look into many of the other spots mentioned!!