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Apr 4, 2011 05:17 PM

Myrtle Beach Restaurants - No Chains - No Buffets

A few years ago, my new wife and I went to Myrtle Beach for a little vacation. Generally, we had a good time, but we were very disappointed by the food. Other than a cool seafood place in Murrell's Inlet (I cannot remember the name, but I am pretty sure I could find it again), we didn't find any places that struck our fancy.

In a few weeks, we are going back with our 7 month old baby in tow. Since we won't have a baby sitter, nightlife is not an option. Furthermore, since we are not big drinkers, a big wine cellar or cool bar is not a priority. We are staying in a condo on the southern side of the main Myrtle Beach

What we would really like to find:
1. Good BBQ pork that is not a chain. Something that the locals would go to.
2. A nice local breakfast joint.
3. A place where we can get South Carolina homestyle cooking.
4. If I could find a good Mexican restaurant, that would be cool. But, I am a Texan of Mexican heritage. I am picky and would just as well skip mediocre Mexican food.
5. Every place will need to be baby friendly. To avoid crowds, we are willing to show up early.

What we don't want:
2. No Hooters or Dicks.
3. No Chains

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  1. Unfortunately the best restaurants in Myrtle Beach aren't in Myrtle Beach. :)

    You had it right last time--Murrells Inlet to the south, or Calabash, NC to the north, are the go-to destinations for fresh local seafood. One of my favorites in MI is Russell's. I also like Sara J's in Garden City (get there early), Bubba's in Surfside (very casual beach shack vibe, great for lunch or a light dinner), and Nico's Italian restaurant in Garden City.

    Surfside Bar & Restaurant
    9 Cape Fear Blvd, Carolina Beach, NC 28428

    1. Most places are baby friendly since it is a tourist area.

      My favorite BBQ joint also has homestyle food...and is a local favorite.... Prossers in Murrells Inlet.

      If you look under my name you will see tons of local places I love in the area

      1. I would skip any Mexican and stick to SC specialties.