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Advice on storing canned beans after opening

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Is it better to store them in the liquid from the can, or in fresh water, or in no liquid at all? I'm speaking of opening a can of beans and transferring them to a lidded container and then refrigerating. I anticipate using them up a little at a time over the course of about a week. (Cannellini at the moment, but I'm assuming the same will apply to all canned beans) Refrigeration is necessary, right? The beans from the can I opened last Thursday have been stored in the original liquid in the refrigerator. Yesterday and today when I opened the container to scoop out some, I noticed a strong "beany" smell. Not bad, really, just concentrated. And how long should they last in the fridge?

Thanks for any and all advice.

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  1. I drain them when I open them and just put them in a container in the frig. I'm reluctant to add tap water, even when it's filtered, because there are all sorts of things in there too. I'd use within about 3 days, but then that's my rule for all "leftovers."