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Apr 4, 2011 03:45 PM

cornmeal biscotti with dried cherries

My friend made these wonderful cornmeal biscotti which were only cooked once. This resulted in a very flaky buttery cookie which I like much better than the traditional twice baked ones. Does anyone else do this type of biscotti or have a recipe similar to this?

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  1. jackie de, you had me at the once baked! I'm not a fan of twiced baked cookies and I like my teeth too much to go down that crisp path anymore.

    I make a similar cookie to biscotti called mandel bread taught to me by Jewish friends years ago. Also traditionally twice baked and I much prefer the once in the oven version. They still hold a nice shape, certainly dunkable but the flaky, buttery aspect which you mentioned is very appealing.

    Have you ever tried baking mandel bread?

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      No, but that sounds wonderful. Care to share recipe or a link?

      1. re: jackie de
        Here's a recent post for mandel bread that provides the basics.
        I use a heaping tablespoon of wheat germ in every batch I bake.
        Since I don't bake/slice/return to oven, my baking time might go as far as 45 mins.
        I chop the nuts to a semi fine crush so they cookies slice nicely.
        Some of my favorite combos include dried dark cherries and dark bittersweet chocolate chips or nut combos like 1/2 walnut-1/2 hazelnut. I use both vanilla & almond extract.
        And, they freeze beautifully.

        1. re: HillJ

          They sound great-thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!