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Apr 4, 2011 02:48 PM

Le Cafe Michi and others?

So I've been hoping to go to a place for some good sashimi/sushi.

I live in scarborough so Michi is convenient and I've heard good things, but I haven't seen any in depth information.

I heard the Chirashi course is good, and I also heard that they have Omakase?

Can anyone tell me the price of the Omakase per person? I'll probably be going with one other person, but I believe it would be both our first times trying Omakase. How does the Omakase work? Same with the Chirashi, which from what I've read is just a set course.

How is there Omakase in general - quality of fish, what you get, etcetc? One of my greatest worries is whether it is filling enough, as my appetite is not the smallest

How does Michi compare to places like Zen and such?


Le Cafe Michi
1802 Pharmacy Ave, Toronto, ON M1T1H6, CA

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  1. chirashi is just a selection of sashimi sitting on top of a bowl of seasoned rice, it comes as one course. This is what they're best at.

    The omakase at michi stays pretty constant, nothing overly exotic in selection. Zen is better for nigiri omakase for sure. It is a little bit more expensive, they'll have more fish selection and will use real wasabi for an additional cost.

    Both places won't leave you super full. If you have a large appetite, you'll want to supplement with some cooked dishes. If getting stuffed is your greatest worry, then they'll disappoint you.

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    1. re: aser

      So its fine to order a dish or two in addition right? I'm not looking to get stuffed for sure, but I want to be able to not eat again later on.

      So chirashi at Michi would probably be a better choice than their omakase? And probably go to zen for omakase instead? I heard Zen has 2 omakases, do you know which they are as well as how much it is for each of them per person?

      I've heard around 50 ish, so i'm assuming its 50 per person, where when you have 2 people you'd order 2 orders of the omakase?

      1. re: .alias

        $50 for the nigiri omakase which comes w/ a miso soup (sashimi omakase doesn't), I think it's about 13 pieces of nigiri. Best to sit at the bar so they can serve you piece by piece. Real wasabi (mixed w/ paste I think?) is $5 additional.

        Chirashi at le cafe michi is in the low $30s if I recall.

    2. Chirashi at Michi, IMHO, is one of the best version in town.

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      1. re: Charles Yu

        From the other photos i've seen, i swear the chirashi was a big bowl with rice and a layer of eel under the sashimi?

        Is that it? Out of curiosity.

        1. re: .alias

          zen has omakase sushi and omakase sashimi, $50 each, nigiri is best in town, $5 extra for fresh wasabi, around 10-11 pieces of nigiri
          MIchi's cafe au lait chirashi is good, but if you are interested in trying omakase, why not try both places and reach your own conclusion. definitely not a waste of money

          1. re: shekamoo

            the nigiri is with the omakase sushi right? And both the omakases are 50 each per person? Are both reasonably filling?

            From what I've read I think I may try the omakase at zen and stick with the chirashi at michi for now and maybe try the omakase at michi another time.

            Are reservations necessary for both places? And do you need to tell them you will be ordering omakase beforehand?

            1. re: .alias

              correct, nigiri is in omakase sushi, and each omakase is $50 per person.
              I personally find the omakase sushi to be reasonably filling but it is surely not a lot of food. what you can do is begin with a smaller order of sashimi from their menu(like a sashimi appetizer), and finish with omakase sushi.
              reservations for Zen are definitely necessary, and I would say the same goes for Michi. I have personally never just walked in any of them.
              and no need to mention what you are ordering at Zen, I would however suggest getting a seat at the sushi bar.
              Enjoy, and report back please!

              1. re: shekamoo

                I think I'll head to michi this weekend and try the chirashi and find a time to go to Zen later on. I think I'll do what you said at Zen, it's a good idea!

                I'll make sure to make a post sometime! Thanks!

          2. re: .alias

            Thats my understanding as well .. although i'm not sure about the eel part.

            but from what i know its Rice with an array of toppings which would include Sashimi

            1. re: plug

              Does Zen or Michi have a weekday lunch menu? or lunch and dinner menus are the same? Would like to take my kids without breaking the bank.

              1. re: caitlink

                zen has a lunch menu, i don't think michi does but i'm not 100% sure.

                1. re: caitlink

                  Michi does have a lunch menu. It's on their first page... it actually offers the same at lunch and dinner except there is a price difference between the two.

                  Somebody posted a pic of the lunch/dinner specials page of the Cafe Michi menu here:


                  1. re: caitlink

                    I've been to Michi many times for lunch.