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Apr 4, 2011 02:25 PM

the epicurean institute in umbria...worth the money?

Hello All

My sister is interested in becoming a sommelier, and thought their program sounded appealing. I know a lot of cooking schools and such tend not to mean much to restaurants looking for employees, is it different or somms? the course promises certification from the ais (Italian Association of Sommeliers). has anyone either completed or contemplated this program? is it a huge waste of time and money to certify in this way? any feedback from somms, restaurant owners, or people who have taken the course would be much appreciated!

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  1. Don't know the epicurean institute, but ais is, along with fisar, one of *the* two official institutes in italy to give sommelier education and certify the qualification after extensive training and exams. I am an ais sommelier and it is highly regarded, the education is good (a bit italy centric) and totally worth it. I did the wset advanced before doing the ais and can totally vouch for the quality of it. If your sister is interested in the course, she should check out the credibility of this umbrian institute with ais itself - sommelier it and are the official sites.

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      Thanks! I'll pass the advice on. Where did you get your certification,if you don't mind my asking?