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Anybody Been To New Chong Qing (Alhambra AYCE Location) Recently?

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The all you can eat hotpot location of New Chong Qing opened up a year ago at the location of the former Corner House Cafe (1444 E. Valley). However, they never installed a sign with the name of the new restaurant, merely covering the old restaurant sign with a cloth banner proclaiming the grand opening of New Chong Qing. Now, after a year-long grand opening, the banner is down and the sign says Corner House Cafe again. Anybody know what, if anything, is going on?

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  1. Oh I am interested in this place too. I am close to Alhambra! :)

    1. I can finally answer this. I went in and picked up a take-out menu during the off-time between lunch and dinner. Despite the sign out front reverting back to Corner House, it is still an NCQ, and still AYCE Hot Pot place.

      Regarding the sign, it's just that the "grand opening" banner finally came down after more than a year, which is still unusual as area Chinese restaurants go.

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        Per Will47's post in the other thread, this location is an "Old Chong Qing" now. There's a new sign as of ~last weekend. See: http://www.manta.com/c/mvvlxbt/old-ch...

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          Ah thanks. Despite being in the area Tuesday, I didn't pass by it. And it was still the Corner Cafe sign my previous trip. Now I have to check in again to see what (if any) changes. Possible split in NCQ?

          So, never mind about my post above. Thanks for the correction/update Tony.

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            I'm guessing they were too cheap to shell out for signs when it changed from Corner House to New Chong Qing early last year, so they covered the Corner House sign with the Grand Opening banner and left it up for a year. Or maybe they didn't want to have a sign saying New Chong Qing with the similarly named restaurant (unrelated?) in San Gabriel. My guess is that Old Chong Qing is the same operation that's been at that location for the last year and a half and that perhaps they were forced to use a name other than New Chong Qing.

            New Chong Qing
            120 N San Gabriel Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91775

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              Yeah, it looks like New Chong Qing with an "Old" name. Still $18 AYCE hot pot and the check off sheets still say New Chong Qing.

              New Chong Qing
              120 N San Gabriel Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91775

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                The Q remains: has ANYONE actually eaten here?