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Apr 4, 2011 02:04 PM


Hi, this is just a heads-up about a new family run coffee shop that is opening at Queen and Woodbine. It is called "Wunderland" and is slightly east of Woodbine; on the south side of Queen. I dropped by on Sunday and the coffee was so good that I had to go back today for another! It's inside a house so it's easy to miss -- look for the minimal signage. The family is just starting out in the coffee shop business - this seems to be all new to them but they are certainly eager and enthusiastic! They live in the house and serve the coffee from the first floor of their abode, I take it they live on the second floor. They are very much taken with the whole Alice in Wonderland thing; hence the name of the coffee shop. Drop by and give them your business - it's got a much warmer, local feel than the nearby Starbucks. They have interior decorated the place with chairs and tables using recycled wood from a nearby farm. The place has got real potential and they are planning to increase their offerings to include more than just lattes and cappuccinos, with portuguese pastries apparently on the way!

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  1. Very nice Marical! I will check it out. Good to see you're back posting on Chowhound.

    1. AWESOME. Thanks for the tip! Yes, it's very easy to miss--I didn't even think it was a cafe. So glad to have something non-chain in the area.

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        Went last week (? or sometime in the past two weeks).

        The good:
        -beautifully decorated and clean
        -fair trade coffee
        -very friendly gentleman made my drink (and it was awesome)

        The bad:
        -all seating is wood, and bench-y (i.e. your butt will be sore if you decide to hang out, and the lack of seat backs means your back will be too)
        -slim pickin's on the snacks part. Maybe 4 cookies and squares.

        All in all, I think the spot has potential, and hopefully will do better with take-out orders in the warmer weather. It really is a beautiful space.