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Apr 4, 2011 01:36 PM

Looking for store or market that sells african white yams in dc metro area or online?

I'm looking for any grocery store that would have african white yams. Does anyone know of any in the DC area or online that I could have them shipped here?

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  1. Have you tried the Caribbean markets in Takoma park?

    1. There's a little ethnic grocer in Crofton, MD that stocks (actual) yams. I'm not sure if they're African white yams, but they are certainly yams.

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      1. re: odkaty

        odkaty....where is the ethnic grocer in Crofton? I've lived out this way for over ten years and have never noticed it.

          1. re: agarnett100

            what's it close to agarnett? Great pic btw. I don't think anyone will be sneaking into your yard!! And thanks for the rec on the ribs from the guy in Glendale. Haven't gotten to try them yet, but it's on my list.

            1. re: cb1

              Its off old 450 across the street from Best Pie close to the car dealership its an African and Caribbean market I have not been inside I just saw it today. Thanks thats my cousin puppy Sugar she now 110 lbs. The ribs are decent and afford as BBQ should be

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                110# and still a puppy? holy... lemme guess what Sugar likes to eat, there was a feature in the SF Chron some years back - Pet Poetry - one of my faves was by a dog: "are you gonna eat that? are you gonna eat that? are you gonna eat that? I'll eat that"

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            It's in the "princess shopping center" on the first floor of the row of shops visible from 3.

            There's not a whole lot there, but they did have yams when I went in.

        1. I always wanted to browse the (somewhat) wholesale mkt on FL Ave/NY Ave NE. for such things, but never did. if all else fails, call a florist and pay through the nose.

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            I was going to recommend the wholesale market on FL Ave/NY Ave NE. While I haven't been there looking for this exact item, there are many variety of african produce that you don't see anywhere else. If you haven't been over to these wholesale markets, prepare for a semi-sketchy feeling experience.

            My advice: find a parking spot and then just start walking around (after making sure you know where you parked so you can get back). These are all warehouse stores, and while it may seem that you must have official documentation to purchase from them, this is not the case. There may be signs on the door saying that you need a wholesale license, just ignore these. Walk in, ask for what you're looking for, and if they don't have it, walk out. I've found the employees in all of the stores there to be helpful, so they may be able to direct you as to where to purchase if they do not have it.

          2. I'm pretty sure I saw them at Hmart in Gaithersburg last weekend. I'd never seen them there before, which is why I noticed them.