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Apr 4, 2011 01:05 PM

Red lentil shortage?

Has anyone else had trouble finding red lentils in DC the past several weeks? The P St. Whole Foods, Adams Morgan Harris Teeter and Shaw Giant have all been out for at least a month (both the bulk bins and the 1 lb. bags). What gives?

If you've found them recently in Wards 1 or 2, please reply - I have a hankering for some dal!


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  1. I realize that this probably won't help you, but perhaps it will help others in the metro area. I recently bought them at The Lebanese Butcher in Falls Church.
    2# @ $3.99

    Lebanese Butcher & Restaurant
    109 E Annandale Rd, Falls Church, VA 22046

    1. Any Indian groceries near you? I imagine they would have masoor dal available.


      1. I just bought 10 or 8 lb bag (yea, we eat a lot of lentils) for $14 at Lotte in Chantilly.

        Seem to have a lot for really inexpensive price. BTW, my favorite indian grocery store is Lotte (I know it is a korean). Also have a good indian desert counter.

        1. Asmar's, a wholesaler operating out of General Washington Drive in Alexandria, supplies most area businesses with lentils. You could potentially call them for a reference near you. They do stock and sell reds.