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Food and Facebook?

I do something that's rather geeky, and I wonder if any of you do this too.

Whenever I make a new dish, or am making a particularly pretty dish, I take a picture of it. If that isn't vain enough, I then post it to Facebook for my friends to see. I must not have very many foodie friends, because usually only 2-3 will respond.

Anyone else do this on Facebook?

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  1. Um, yeah...and photos of restaurant dishes. Doesn't everybody?

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      I take photos but don't post them on Facebook - I think I'm the only Canadian without an account! No interest in Facebook whatsoever but a massive interest in food photography. :-D

    2. I love when people post photos of the food they've made. Or ordered.

      1. Yep I do that, too sometimes. Narcissistic? Maybe. It's just for fun. I like seeing what friends are cooking and I like sharing what I cook. I also post about what I ate and cooked in status updates.

        1. Sure I do, when I think of it. Food and cooking are my thing. If I were more organized, I'd do it more regularly than I do now. I'd also update my blog more often.

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            Because this is primarily my husband's only use for his fb account, I had to post the Blondie comic strip to my account and tag him in it. ;)


          2. A lot of my friends do that, so I don't think it's a big deal. I LIKE seeing the new restaurants that they are trying and liking so that I can add them to my list.

            1. People that like to take food photography, check out TasteSpotting.com!

              1. I do it all the time. I'm the most dedicated of my friends in searching out food. They like to see my photos and discuss the food. When I go on a trip, I get nagged to put up photos of my food. It's a fun social friend discussion starter.

                1. I do it too! I'm always taking pics of the food i make, i keep a great big food folder in my iphoto and post to the FB when i can. and yes i agree, Tastespotting is incredibly drool worthy!!!

                  1. Remember that app where you could do a poster of all of your status updates of the year? Well, turns out 75% of mine were about or related to food. Pictures of dinners? You betcha. Descriptions of breakfast or plans for restaurants?

                    Well, DUH!

                    1. I do it. At first I was doing it so I'd have a place on line to store photos for posting. Now I just do it to show off.



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                        It's good for getting people who don't live near you riled up about what you get to eat and they don't unless they come visit.

                      2. I love seeing food on FB...will you friend me, natewrites?

                        1. I can't be bothered to take/post a picture. However, whenever I make a Recipezaar recipe while I am logged in to facebook, I share it because it's pretty easy. If I posted more, likely more of my posts would be about food. :)

                          1. Ya, I've been guilty. Usually if it's a really gorgeous cake I'll post it, but I haven't done that in a long time.

                            1. Since your friends don't care, why don't you post them on Chowhound with a discussion about the dish. You will probably get more response ... and a lot of good input.

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                                For some fantastic, mouth watering photos go to www.foodgawker.com. Click on the photo and it takes you to the blog and the recipe. Some of my best dishes come from this site.

                              2. haha. I do this. And yeah, I only get a few responses but, many family and friends know it's a passion of mine so they think nothing of it and do tell me they enjoy the photos when we hook up face to face. (Heck, the title of the album I keep it in is called "My passion)