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Favorite non-floury desserts

Basically anything other than cakes, brownies, etc.

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  1. Zabaglione with berries or other fruit.

    1. Ice cream

      Azuki bean filled mochi

      Taiwanese "shaved snow"

      1. Custards of all sorts (pots de creme, flan, American-style pudding, ice cream) and panna cotta.

        I'm a sucker for anything that makes good use of seasonal produce, so naturally, pies and cobblers are high on my list; though, I'm not sure if they fit your definition of non-floury.

        1. Berries and cream/whipped cream.

          Flan, or anything in the custard family.

          Fruit fool.

          Rice pudding.

          1. Tapioca pudding. Poached pears. Baked apples. Dessert wine. Coffee spiked with liqueur or Bailey's. Fruit & cheese.

            1. Fresh fruit pavlovas
              Custard and puddings (include gelatin-based puddings like panna cotta)
              Cream pies (crusts can be made from anything, from nuts to potato chips)
              Thick yogurt

              1. Sorbet
                Panna cotta
                Dacquoise - one of my all-time favourites

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                  I'd love to see your dacquoise recipe, if you don't mind sharing. : )

                2. homemade ice cream or sorbet
                  lemon curd with fruit
                  zabaglione with fruit
                  creme brulee
                  creme caramel

                  1. boule de neige
                    low carb cheesecake with ground almond crust
                    flourless chocolate cake
                    creme brulee

                    In my case, flourless and no sugar added

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                              Or how about Champagne and Champagne gelee?

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                                Even better. Or even Shellfish in Champagne Sauce, Champagne and Champagne Gelee? Or this - Champagne Sorbet...

                            1. When in season, Berries and Grand Marnier with whip cream
                              flan, creme brulee, custard, tapioca pudding - any egg custard like dessert
                              ice creame, gelato, sherberts,
                              fruit smooties, sorbet, popsicles
                              rice crispie treats - homemade of course
                              pavlova or meringues like Italian Meringue Tort
                              gateau ganache
                              cheese cake - with graham cracker crust
                              poached fruits - pears in wine, figs, peaches
                              cold souffles
                              Pots de Creme (chocolate) or Grand Marnier

                                1. some of these others have already listed, but...
                                  Cheesecake with a hazelnut/almond crust
                                  Creme Caramel
                                  Lime Poppyseed Ice Cream with Honey Brittle
                                  Almond Tuiles
                                  Baked Stuffed Apples or Pears
                                  A ripe persimmon. Just the persimmon.

                                  1. Bananas foster
                                    Grilled pineapple
                                    Frozen Raspberry Jello dessert
                                    Pudding & graham cracker dessert
                                    Frozen drinks