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Apr 4, 2011 11:35 AM

Favorite non-floury desserts

Basically anything other than cakes, brownies, etc.

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  1. Zabaglione with berries or other fruit.

    1. Ice cream

      Azuki bean filled mochi

      Taiwanese "shaved snow"

      1. Custards of all sorts (pots de creme, flan, American-style pudding, ice cream) and panna cotta.

        I'm a sucker for anything that makes good use of seasonal produce, so naturally, pies and cobblers are high on my list; though, I'm not sure if they fit your definition of non-floury.

        1. Berries and cream/whipped cream.

          Flan, or anything in the custard family.

          Fruit fool.

          Rice pudding.

          1. Tapioca pudding. Poached pears. Baked apples. Dessert wine. Coffee spiked with liqueur or Bailey's. Fruit & cheese.