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Worst LA restaurant names?

Driving down the street the other day, noticed the sushi place on Lincoln changed their name... now it's... what?
Mi So Fishy.
I'm not kidding! Which brings me to this: what other regrettable names and poor translations have you seen in the LA area? I have one more for ya: the sushi place on Santa Monica near Nook Bistro is-
B.A.D. Sushi (it apparently stands for Best And Delicious). Dear god.

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  1. Banh Mi My Dung, for the win.

    1. spitz in eagle rock. they actually have tasty food--love their sweet potato fries. but seriously? spitz?

      1. oh...and i just remembered. it's closed, but the sign is still up, near smart and final in tujunga.
        poo ping chinese food.

        1. This is in the SF Bay area but still a great name. PHO KING in Oakland.

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            Vegas has a Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown called Pho Kim Long. Most of my friends don't get it. http://www.yelp.com/biz/pho-kim-long-...

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              Saw a place with that name outside Austin, TX. AWESOME!

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                And on that note, how about Phuket Thai in San Francisco? I know it is a city, I know how to pronounce it but, every time I drove by, walked by or bussed by, I thought it in another way. Makes me giggle even now.

              2. Closed now but I always found this place on Main to have a name that actually scared the crap out of me: Creative Sushi.

                Opposite, not open yet: Mistfit.

                And a quick one from out of state, "Dee's Nuts."

                1. I'm going to go ahead and add "Spudnuts Donuts" to the list as well...

                  1. Yak 'n Yeti (in Hermosa Beach), though eating a yeti would likely make me yak... Also, not fond of the name The Gorbals; seems like the sound made when gargling a mouthful of the former vice president's cajones.

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                      the Gorbals is an area of Glasgow (Scotland). It was a rough area not sure about now though.

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                        Hi, and thanks for the info. I enjoyed Scotland (and Glasgow) during my short visit there, and had some of the best salmon and venison ever...

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                          I saw it mentioned last night on Unique Eats (I think it was) and told my boyfriend about this thread.

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                            Whenever I hear the restaurant name The Gorbals, I think of Joseph Goebbels.


                            This is not a good association.

                      2. Ptomaine Tommy's, 2420 N. Broadway, Los Angeles, was a very famous place that opened in 1919. Famous for the hamburger they called "the size" which was the first to have beans on it (though apparently not chili?). It closed in 1958.

                        1. Pho King in SGV. Runner up Lu Gi.

                          1. What The Pho
                            Pho Reign

                            1. Fitrition in West Hollywood. It's not even clever. When I first got the menu, it was called Fit Food. That's not terrible but it seems to have changed to Fitrition. Terrible.

                              1. Ha ha this thread reminds me of that 80s movie "LA Story" in which Steve Martin, deep in mid-life crisis, hangs out with empty-headed Sarah Jessica Parker. They keep trying to get into a trendy Melrose place called "lee-dee-oh" or something; when they finally get a reservation (5:30pm on a Monday), the exterior shot of the restaurant reveals the sign: "L'idiot." The more things change...

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                                  "He wants the duck."
                                  "He can't have the duck."

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                                    "... But what if my date wants to order duck?"
                                    "...Well then perhaps you can uuuurge her in the right direction..."

                                    On the mega-star getting a table by the kitchen door:
                                    "Your usual table, Mr. Christopher?"
                                    "No, I'd like a GOOD one this time."
                                    "I'm sorry, that is impossible."
                                    "Part of the 'New Cruelty'?"
                                    "I'm afraid so. Table 2-5-3!"

                                    Love that movie.

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                                    don't they have zero calorie toothpicks on offer after dinner?

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                                      Actually it's diet floss... :-)

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                                      Nothing at all wrong with that. Fukui is a normal Japanese name, and happens to be the name of a prefecture near Kyoto. May sound funny if not pronounced correctly, though.

                                    2. Worstkuche... hehehe OK lame joke; yes I've misspelled it, yes it's German.

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                                        J.L. -- it sounds funnier if you stutter when you say it.

                                        I recall a headline on an article about sausage places -- The Best of the Würst .

                                        Also, there was a small sausage place in Tokyo called Die Würst -- the name scared the heck out of most Americans who saw it.

                                        1. Harney St. in old town San Diego plays host to Miso Harney Sushi. Nothing but "extreme rollz" on the menu.