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Apr 4, 2011 10:21 AM

Cumberland eats

Is there anyplace in Cumberland,Md. serving good,simply prepared food of any kind?

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  1. This will probably get moved to the Mid-Atlantic board. I like Diatri's for Italian subs and sandwiches or simple pasta. Their salad dressing or sub dressing is really good too.

    I also like Guiseppe's in Frostburg for simple Italian food too. I am sure there is probably some other stuff downtown, I just don't eat in Cumberland a lot as I am normally on my way to and or from Garrett County.

    1. D'atries is good try the cheesesteak. Which is in LaVale on National Highway also on National Highway is Bunnies Tavern good sandwiches and such the Haystack is good a french fry saland. Guiseppe's in Frostburg is good but way, way to expensive IMO.Downtown Cumberland there is Curtis's Coney Island, good hotdogs and fries.