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Apr 4, 2011 10:02 AM

Cheese shoppes in Rome // Naples?

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a place in Rome that carries excellent fresh buffalo mozzarella and burrata?

I've already noted the usuals like Volpetti, Roscioli, etc.. but was wondering if there was a specialty (Campania-centric?) cheese shoppe that carried freshly trucked mozza + burratta?

I did note the excellent Beppe's in (irrc?) Tuscolana.. but was hoping for something closer to the centro.

Much thanks in advance!

Alternatively, we are heading to Naples for a day trip. Would we be better off sourcing it in Naples? Can anyone recommend an excellent food shoppe in Naples that would carry fantastic dried pastas of the region (Gragnano - bought some from Eataly NYC and thought it was amazing!) and fresh mozza/burrata?

Via dei Giubbonari 21/23, Rome, Lazio 00186, IT

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  1. What do you mean by sourcing it? You will have to eat it right away/same day for excellent quality.
    You probably know that mozzarella di bufala campana DOP is made in both campania and lazio.

    In Naples, you will be able to find multiple sources of cheese and high quality pastas, ieither by an enjoyable cruise of Via dei Tribunali and the foodshops lining it, or the Pignasecca markets and the shops lining the way between Piazza della Carita and Montesanto.or throught visiting fancy food shops. Its not 100% clear to me what the latter will be better than the former; high standards and quick turnover are probably the most important factors. (for example I know there are some upscale shops in Chaia recommended by Plotkin which I have not visited. - there was a shop selling artisanal pasta and cheeses, near our apt. in Vomero last year which we never visited - so whether it would be a "better" source than an active, crowded market, I do not know.

    You might enjoy Squitiezze, the cheese bar at La Stanza del Gusto in Naples. We found them to be charming and the food excellent. they also have some packaged food products for sale I have only seen here in NY for big (ger) bucks.

    Will try to get back later with some more specific source references.

    La Stanza del Gusto
    Via Santa Maria di Constantinopoli 100, Naples, Campania , IT

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    1. re: jen kalb

      Sourcing = buying to eat, asap!

      Ah, I did not know that DOP bufalo mozza was also produced in Lazio! This is good to know :)

      I too, have Plotkin's book - I will pore over it tonight for specific recommendations.

      Thank you for your recommendations, Jen! We will be sure to cruise on down via dei Tribunali, as well as tour the Pignasecca markets.

      We really love burrata.. and it's really tough sourcing it from home, hence the need to find as much as we can in Rome (we will have a kitchen for snacks/meals)!

      Cheese (oops, did I type that, I meant to type cheers!),

      1. re: DistendedBelly

        How long do you expect to be in Naples and where are you staying?

        1. re: jen kalb

          Just a day trip from the eternal city - specifically for Pompeii and a pizza lunch (Sorbillo? and da Michele if there isn't a crazy line)

    2. This is a very nice shop with Campanian pastas, jarred items, etc.

      Bottega Sapori di Campania. V. Maiella, 13 Naples.

      1. Don't know about burrata, but hands-down the best mozzarella fresca I've found in Rome (living here most of the past 10 yrs) is to be found in La Baronia shops. There are 3 around the city. Be sure to get there early in the day as their supply is likely to be gone by afternoon. You can call ahead and ask them to put aside some for you, but in true Italian style orders placed over the phone have a reasonable likelihood of being forgotten.
        The shop in San Giovanni is most convenient to Roma Centro, a few blocks' walk from the San Giovanni metro stop or from one of the No.3 tram stops, but here are the addresses of all three:
        via Fonteiana, 31 (zona monteverde) 06 581 1602
        via Scirè, 24 (zona parioli) 06 860 5504
        via Monza, 18 (zona san giovanni) 06 7004774

        IMHO, mozzarella at Volpetti is nothing special, except in comparison to what we get in the US.

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        1. re: pericolosa

          Every report that I have seen said that Beppe e i suoi formaggi is on Via Santa Maria del Pianto in the Ghetto than which it is difficult to be more central in Rome.

          1. re: zerlina

            Apologies - I took a glance at my gmap and noticed that I was thinking of Bottega Liberati, and not Beppe! I stand corrected.

            Thank you all for your suggestions! I can taste the cheese already :D

          2. re: pericolosa

            Re: La Baronia -- Hands down? OK, I'm placing this one into my gmap asap! Thank you for your recommendation :)

          3. ROME:

            For burrata, Roscioli is the place. DOL sells very good mozzarella di bufala from southern Lazio. Burrata is not a product of campania, but is made in Puglia (in and around Andria) so you wont necessarily find it at a campania-centric shop.

            Beppe e i suoi Formaggio, to my knowledge, does not carry mozzarella at all. The shop is owned by a cheese producer from Piedmont and you are more likely to find French cheeses than those from central or southern Italy.

            Squisitezze (note spelling) will have excellent cheeses from Campania but I doubt believe they serve burrata (km 0 philosophy and all), Posh shops in Chiaia and Vomero will have good mozzarella but I can't think of anywhere in Pignasecca that sells quality stuff...You can definitely find great mozzarella di bufala DOP, burrata pugliese, and pasta di gragnano at Sagra

            Sorry can't add links!!!
            Beppe e i Suoi Formaggi Via S Maria del Pianto Roma
            DOL ( Via Domenico Panaroli 6 Roma
            Roscioil ( Via dei Giubbonari 21 Roma
            Sagra ( Via Giambattista Ruoppolo, 29 Napoli
            Squisitezze ( Via Costantinopoli 100 Napoli

            I dont think ive been to La Baronia. Thanks @pericolosa for the tip!


            Via dei Giubbonari 21/23, Rome, Lazio 00186, IT

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            1. re: katieparla

              @katie: sweet, sweet, and SWEET! Thanks for all your recommendations!! Plotting all these places into my gmaps tonight.

              Good to know about Beppe (not sure where I picked that one up, I have been referring to numerous guides+blogs as of late.. oops) - thank you for letting me know! A trip to Piedmont may be coming up later in the year, so if we can't make it to Beppe's, we shall forego.

              Re: burrata ~ It's only available here in the summer (and since it has to travel, tastes nothing like it should). Is there a season for it in Puglia (oops again, as you can see, I am a cheese n00b) and environs, or is it something that I can easily find when I am in Rome/Naples at the end of this month?

              As always, appreciate your insightful, informative, and detailed recommendations+posts, Katie!



              1. re: DistendedBelly

                Oooh when you go to Piedmont I have lots more suggestions for you!

                There probably was a "burrata season" once upon a time but now you can find it year round. I like it best in the summer with a glass of white wine, ideally IN Puglia...but ill take it any way i can get it!

                You should be able to find it at Sagra in Naples and it is widely available in Rome, but not every place has the good stuff. You can't beat Roscioli. Their burrata is the best Ive found in Rome.

                Via dei Giubbonari 21/23, Rome, Lazio 00186, IT

                Via Giambattista Ruoppolo, Naples, Campania 80128, IT

              2. re: katieparla

                I agree 100% with Katie re: rome (i have no street cred for napoli) and add la tradizione across from the cipro metro station and the buffalegra specialty shop on via orazio.