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Orlando 'hounds- new restaurant "Finesse"

askdrtodd Apr 4, 2011 09:57 AM

My foodie buddy went this past weekend and raved about it, curious if anyone else has checked it out yet? Apparently a monthly changing menu, locally sourced meats & veggies, reasonable prices, etc. Sounds interesting...


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  1. y
    YosemiteSam RE: askdrtodd Apr 4, 2011 02:19 PM

    Lake Mary - harumph, that's a haul from our side of town. Looks interesting, will wait to hear a few reviews before making the trek.

    Terrible name though.

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    1. re: YosemiteSam
      rhnault RE: YosemiteSam Apr 4, 2011 05:22 PM

      No doubt. Might as well be Pantene.

      1. re: rhnault
        Manderley RE: rhnault Apr 4, 2011 06:23 PM

        OMG LOL

        1. re: Manderley
          pdpredtide RE: Manderley Apr 4, 2011 09:25 PM

          LOL!!! i thought the same...
          but i hear it is a great place, the chef are renowned

    2. g
      Goannaman RE: askdrtodd Apr 4, 2011 02:37 PM

      I'm actually going up to my companies office in Lake Mary this week, and I will try and make time to eat (hopefully) tasty food. I will report back if I do.

      1. Sandwich_Sister RE: askdrtodd Apr 5, 2011 08:09 AM

        I'm not in love with the name either. but I am in love with the menu and the fact that they are refreshing the menu often. I checked out the yelp page for the restaurant and the pictures are making me hungry.

        It's also quite a drive from where I live and work. :( but It's on my list of places to try.

        1. l
          LakeMaryFoodCritic RE: askdrtodd Apr 9, 2011 01:24 PM

          I have eaten at Finesse twice now, once for dinner and once for lunch. My friend and I enjoyed our dinner there very much, it was excellent. I have detailed my dinner experience in my blog here: http://lakemaryfoodcritic.blogspot.co....

          My lunch experience with three coworkers was also excellent, we all agreed we'd come back, it was very good. I wrote about it briefly on urbanspoon.com .

          I think Finesse has the potential to become a very good restaurant, I'd recommend you try it and comment here or on my blog or on urbanspoon, however you feel.

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          1. re: LakeMaryFoodCritic
            Goannaman RE: LakeMaryFoodCritic Apr 9, 2011 07:17 PM

            I took my boss there for dinner last week.

            Here is my three word summary: It has potential.

            I had the crab cakes to start with the Paella Risotto entree. My boss had a salad with the pork (tenderloin?) entree.

            Portions are huge. The crab cakes were underwhelming, and I thought the paella a bit heavy handed.

            But, overall, good for an eight week old place. The staff was friendly, and it looks like they are on the right track. For beer fans like myself, while they have a good selection of bottles, there is no draught beer.

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