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Hillsborough BBQ Company - opening soon. (Hillsborough, NC)

This new restaurant has me kinda excited:


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    1. I'm excited too. The owners of the Wooden Nickel are doing this and they have proven they know what they are doing. Target opening date is now April 7.

      1. I tried Hillsborough BBQ Company on Saturday at lunch, and I was really disappointed with my barbecue sandwich. The barbecue was extremely dry and lacked flavor, even after adding some of their eastern NC sauce. It was also more "pulled" than the traditional eastern NC chopped barbecue. Hopefully this is just from them starting their operation or just a bad day, because I really wanted to like them. The restaurant itself had a nice ambiance, and it serves a few local brews on tap, which was a nice touch. Staff seemed friendly. There was a pile of wood slabs out back, but I wouldn't have known it based on the taste. For someone that doesn't live in the area, I really have no reason to visit with Allen & Son and even A&M being fairly close.

        1. The family and I just ate there again for the second time in five days. It's kid friendly BTW. So far we've had the BBQ, ribs, brisket, turkey, chicken, catfish bites, sweet potato salad (great), mac & cheese, baked beans, corn pudding, and various pies & nana pudding. I plan to try the rabbit next. The ribs and BBQ were our favs, everything else was pretty good. It's been jam packed all week, so I'm sure they're still working out some kinks. Overall we think it's a good place and plan to return. Just my 2 cents.

          1. We tried them over the weekend.

            The space is nice and the photos displayed (seen on the website) are terrific.
            We had a variety, pork, brisket, turkey - all were very good. The brisket was succulent, I'm looking forward to a sandwich with the left over turkey! All meats had good flavor with a nice amount of smoke.

            FF were thin, crisp and perfect. White slaw was neutral, not much flavor. Opinion divided on the sweet potato salad - not my cup of tea, but my SO enjoyed it. Brunswick stew was flavorful, but lacked liquid. Fried okra and hush puppies very good.

            Rabbit was not available. One of the servers indicated that they had scaled back on offerings in order to get the kinks out and will expand the menu back to the full roster soon.

            I'd go again! If I lived closer I'd go with frequency.

            1. We went on Saturday. My husband had the BBQ sandwich and baked beans. He didn't care for the beans and didn't finish them - he was expecting a more traditional rendition of them and these had chunks of vegetables or something in them (not sure what else was in them - I didn't try them). He said the BBQ was just OK and that he'd rather have Allen and Sons. I expect they'll work out the kinks on that though.

              I had the catfish plate with corn pudding and green beans. Husband preferred my catfish to his sandwich and ate most of it :). The catfish had a bit of a muddy flavor to it (one of the risks of getting catfish) but the breading on it was very light and if it hadn't been for the muddiness it would have been quite good - it came out piping hot and nice and moist on the inside. Green beans were overcooked and I didn't care for the seasoning on them so I didn't eat most of them. The corn pudding was a hit though - it was excellent and I'd get that again in a hot minute.

              I think this place will get better, so we'll try again later. We went early and by the time we left there was a line, so I think they definitely have an audience that wants to keep this place going.

              1. Disappointing BBQ! The pork was too finely chopped and dry. There was no smoke flavor at all. The vinegar-based sauce was heavy on the vinegar (needed some other spices to go in it). The Red Slaw was okay, but not what I would consider a traditional red slaw. The white slaw was bland, tasted like a pre-packaged deli slaw. Both were fine on the sandwich, but weren't very good on their own. The baked beans were pretty good; I liked the use of multiple bean varieties (Lima beans, however, do not add the best texture). The sweet potato salad was very good and different. The hushpuppies were light and plentiful. Our waiter was great, but he had too many tables to serve AND had to seat people. If a restaurant is not seat yourself (which this restaurant really should be), there needs to be a dedicated hostess! The prices were decent, but the basics need some attention.

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                  Agree about the pork barbecue, just not good stuff. Tasted like it was old, or out of the freezer, a bad after taste. The brisket was fine, the bbg chicken was so-so, the sides ok. Too many good bbq places around to settle for this.

                2. I have been to the restaurant multiple times as it is a very convenient location for me. The restaurant is nice and clean and has a really good atmosphere. It is kid friendly and has a nice outdoor seating area.

                  Being that this is a new restaurant they seem like they are getting a lot of the kinks worked out. It seems like things are getting better and better every week. The Brisket is much improved now that they are using a different cut of meat it is much more lean.

                  The BBQ seemed like it was missing something up until very recently. I know that it is fresh as they are cooking it every day, but it did not always come through in the flavor. I asked one of the employees and they told me that they changed their preparation process multiple times in an attempt to get it right. It seems like they have finally gotten it right. The last couple of times I have been there the bbq has been more moist and has tasted more like when you pull it straight off of the pit.

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                    "The Brisket is much improved now that they are using a different cut of meat it is much more lean."

                    Excuse me? I'm no chef but isn't "the brisket", well, the brisket? If you use another cut of meat it isn't brisket, is it? It may taste different or better but it's something else, right? Or did I misunderstand?

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                      You are correct Brisket is Brisket. But I know from trying to make it at home that you can do different things with the fat cap. Previously when the Brisket came out the way that it was sliced you had more of the fat cap in the meat and the texture was not as dense as most of the other (good) briskets that I have had. There was some fat in the middle of the slice and a thicker ring on the outside of the slice.

                      Now the texture is more dense and like the traditional Briskets that I have had. It is also sliced differently so that there is a smaller ring of fat on the outside.

                      You know how you go to a higher quality steak place and you can tell that the quality of the steak is better? If it is fresher or the grade of meat is higher, or they just have a better supplier? I feel like HBBQ got a higher quality Brisket. It is sliced differently, but it also tastes higher quality. I will have to ask next time I go in.