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Apr 4, 2011 08:02 AM

How crowded is Coppa's brunch

Just curious if Coppa's brunch has the sort of monstrous waits that their nightly service can have, what should one expect? Anyone know if their new reservation taking extends to brunch as well?

253 Shawmut Ave, Boston, MA 02118

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  1. I have been three times without having any wait at all. Each time the restaurant seemed busy but never totally full. And with warmer weather approaching they will be adding some outside tables.

    1. Yeah, definitely does not have the sort of monstrous wait you get at dinner. I live around the corner and never see a line around brunchtime.

      1. Sounds promising. Thanks all.

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          j, maybe you already saw this but if not, you might enjoy her recent coppa brunch review:

          scroll down to the second review:

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            BTW, I went recently for brunch and specifically asked the hostess about the crowd. She said early on they are not at all busy, but they get much more so in the early afternoon. I am not certain I would go back again for brunch, but certainly would for dinner and weekday lunch, although the early side of brunch would be ideal for folks wanting to eat with kids. If you are going for the pizza (and they do have an over-the-top breakfast pizza), I might suggest going on the later side. Our pizza definitely wasn't up to par (on small misstep on a good meal), primarily because of the seasoning, but I wasn't super happy with the bake and wonder if the oven hadn't gotten up to temp yet.

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              Good info, thanks.

              I can assure you, as a late riser, that I'll not be getting the pizza before the oven warms up :)