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Went on Saturday for the first time in years. Man, these are great dogs and what a fun scene inside. Working with military precision, but human faces, orders were taken swiftly and flew out. Two people had four dogs with everything, large fries, and two large diet sodas for about $11.60. The buns were toasted, the dogs tight skins and juicy interiors. Place rocks.

Go Southie!


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  1. Not only are the dogs good;nut the location makes it just perfect for a bike ride break from downtown. Gives me the energy to get home.

    Now I only have to dust off my dogsled and I can get there..:)

    Thx for the reminder!

    1. OK, I'm probably not the only one who is thinking it, so I'll ask...

      "four dogs with everything, large fries, and two large diet sodas"

      Ummmm... why "diet sodas"? :)

      Castle Island, Boston, MA 02108

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