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Apr 4, 2011 06:18 AM

Lucia's Wine Bar

Four by-the-glass reds and five whites do not a wine bar make, and thus Lucia's is, in that category, a failure. And the decor seems on par with an Ikea meatballery.
Still, I have always had good to great bites here, and it remains a favorite of my wife and mine. Their petite tenderloin with house-made demi was outstanding, their late-night pizzas are always competent, their veggies are always fresh and vibrant, and their service is always bright and snappy.

This is one of those places that is a solid mainstay, a place that knows its spot and occupies it with reasonable flair. If only they could open up the wine offerings a bit....

Lucia's Wine Bar
1432 W 31st St, Minneapolis, MN 55408

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  1. I'm curious about what your minimum by-the-glass requirement is? Isn't quality always better than quantity? As for the decor, it doesn't look like a giant, expensive chain pseudo-italian villa; again, a positive point in my mind. It looks simple and tasteful and is a good use of limited space.

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      If you are a wine bar you need to offer 15 to 20 min. wines by the glass otherwise let's just call you what you are is a restaurant. I have seen their wine list a few times and I can't say it is bad and it is not great but Parkermsp is right that the wine bar title is misleading.

    2. I've ranted before about places that call themselves wine bars but don't have much in the by-the-glass category. Lucia's is especially weak.

      I was just in Nashville and was wowed by a place that had 40-50 offerings by the glass. And it didn't bill itself as a wine bar. Oh, for a place like that in the Twin Cities!

      1. Reading the title 'Lucia's wine bar' in the header, I was hoping to read a little blurb about how the place was going to improve.... I was a bit taken back by the negative comments. However, they deserve it.

        I took one of my clients there recently, while the food was palatable, the wine list was.... wait, what wine list? I couldnt really make a decision because none of the wines by the glass were what I desired. Maybe they will go ahead and make a change for the complementing summer months ahead....
        But until then, if you want to be called a duck, then you have to do more than quack like one.

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          As well, which I didn't mention, was that the wine I had was warm, so much so that I couldn't initially tell when it entered my mouth--it seemed the exact same temperature. This blunted much of what could have been taste.
          It would be nice to have a wine bar that took their wine offerings as seriously as they did their branding of themselves.
          Though King's Wine Bar, in south Minneapolis, offers a pretty good number of 10 reds by the glass, none are particularly interesting, or beyond what I could sample myself given an 8 to 12-dollar trip to a local hooch mart.