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Apr 4, 2011 12:10 AM

Gourmet Diner in Danvers on the right Side of Rt.1 North?

Does anyone remember this place from 25 yrs. ago? I remember it being all the rage when it opened, (and maybe we did a Women's Culinary Guild dinner there)but it didn't last long..... Same vintage as that little hole-in-the-alley one man-run place near Chinatown, off Washington St.

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  1. Was that called Flash in the Pan?

      1. I think it was Flash in the Pan.
        Agawam diner is in Rowley, about 10 miles North on old RTE 1.

        1. Yes, it was Flash in the Pan. I used to love that place. I remember when you had leftover duck to take home, they wrapped it in foil shaped like a little duck. Here is a picture of the diner I found on Flickr for old times' sake:

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              I was just out of college, and they served that duck medium rare, which seemed incredibly daring to me at the time!