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Apr 3, 2011 10:54 PM

Brunch at Cotogna

Had a terrific four-course brunch here yesterday – reservations were easy to get, and a few of their highly regarded dinner items are available at brunch, so this was a pleasant way to experience the food without planning too far in advance.

We split:
1) Beef cheek hash – lovely texture and flavor, with two fried eggs on top
2) Grilled sardines – 2 to an order, also excellent
3) Gnocchi with Dungeness crab and peas – the texture absolutely lives up to the hype. I usually find super-light gnocchi too gummy for my liking, but Cotogna’s are absolutely stellar – no surprise, I guess, given the Quince lineage.
4) Bomboloni – four little impeccably fried cake donuts, served with lemon crème anglaise

With a cocktail and coffee per person, with tax and tip, this was a splurgy brunch that came out to over $50pp, but the food was excellent and we were beyond stuffed by the end.

490 Pacific Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133

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  1. Great! I'm a brunch grouch who hates waiting a long time to pay too much for eggs I could easily cook at home. Cotogna is now at the top of my list next time brunch is suggested.

    490 Pacific Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133

    1. The coffee and cocktail were also excellent, it should be noted. Daveena had a Bloody Mary and I had the Blueberry Maple Gin Fizz, which was offset by the earthy tone of cinnamon, and easy (perhaps too easy?) to drink at noon on a Saturday.

      Both of us loved the rich, chocolatey coffee, which was from a company in the East Bay--I don't remember the name, but perhaps Daveena will.

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        The coffee was from Roast - it was super silky and delicious.

        1. re: daveena

          Thanks for the coffee info and review, pane and daveena! I've canceled brunch reservations here twice, now I'm gonna see if I can make it happen sometime soon.

          1. re: scarmoza

            I almost hesitate to add to the brunch because it's so nice to have an easy option. My husband and I tried it Saturday. We had reservations but came earlier at 11:00am. There were people already there.

            It was our first time there and everything all around was very very good. Neither of us drank any wine/cocktails.

            Had the fritto misto - very good, a little much for just 2 people. We also ordered the della fattoria bread basket with ricotta and jams. The jams were excellent, as was the ricotta.

            Then had the tortellini and an order of the gnocchi. Both good. While the gnocchi lightness was a bit addicting, the tortelloni with the pine nuts, olives and something else was frangrant in a special way.

            The place was full by the time we left.

      2. I agree with the positive comments on brunch. I had a stellar meal here on a recent Saturday. Walked in with a friend at 12:30, no reservations but hooray there were two seats at the bar. Started with 6 excellent oysters, then had the beef cheek hash (stellar), slow-cooked eggs with asparagus (great, tons of flavor & very spring-like), the grilled pork and the sardines.

        Everything was super-fresh, absolutely zinging with flavor and cooked perfectly. Oh, and great Bloody Marys, too.