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Candies for Throwing in Shul

Does anyone have any ideas for candies that can be thrown in shul for a simcha other than those Sunkist ones? The plastic wrappers make a lot of noise during Torah reading.

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  1. How about Chocolate Chanukah Coins. Manhattan Chocolates Assorted Deluxe Truffles is another option. They are all individually wrapped and taste really good.

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      Please please no chocolate. Even as a kosher caterer who, yes, is is lucky enough to be at many many more smachot then the average joe...I have more then one chocolate loved stain on my talis as a result of someone throwing kisses, coins or even chocolate covered almonds. Also, make sure to check with your caterer (if applicable) and make sure that whatever you are throwing is ok with their mashgiach (obviously kosher, but don't throw dairy treats with a meat kiddush to follow) It sounds like a no brainer but I can't tell you how many times it goes otherwise. Aside from that, anything SOFT will do.

    2. Almost any candy with a plastic wrapper will make a lot of noise. Atleast when the Sunkist candies hit you in the head they are SOFT!

      1. FYI I believe that the sunkist candies contain actual chometz. Check your tallis bags!!!

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          Nothing here looks like chometz to me:

          INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Pectin, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Natural Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Raspberry, Lime Flavors and Artifical Colors, FD&C Yellow #5 and #6, Red #3 and #40, Blue #1.

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            Citric acid can be chametz, but needn't be. I don't know about Sodium citrate, but possibly that too.

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              What's the noise factor on the nibs packaging?

              1. In my shul, they are careful to distribute the candies as close to the throwing as possible, to minimize the noise. Additionally, it's a shul that takes great care in having an extremely quiet davening and layning, so everyone pretty much polices themselves and is careful not to make too much noise. Also, the candies are usually put inside a small bag or circle of tulle, so the cellophane shouldn't really be making that much noise. Of course, if the daveners open the baggies to pick out some of the candies rather than put them aside to throw at the proper time, all bets are off.

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                1. You can get some pretty drawstring cloth sachets and stuff them with a small handful of marshmallows or mini marshmallows. No plastic wrappers, and a soft landing!

                  1. Elite Soft Chews. They do not inflict too much damage (if that is a consideration), the wrapper is not crinkly and they taste much better then those Sunkist gels (I have yet to meet a kid who likes those).

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                      Where can I buy these least expensively? I'm in CA, so either at a store or online with inexpensive delivery.

                    2. You mean someone eventually eats them???

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                      1. I once saw them throw foil-wrapped chocolate coins. the effect was like raining gold on the chosson. It looked great! On the other hand, chocolate is really messy.

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                          That could be a problem if there's a fleishig kiddush afterward....unless you throw the Parve coins (ugh). Kids might not realize and eat their mini hot-dogs and coins together (double ugh).

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                            I think a requirement of something like this is that the candy are pareve. Otherwise, everyone would just use any old wrapped chocolate candies, like Nips.

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                              This totally depends on the shul. I'm pretty sure I've seen chalavi candies being thrown, though perhaps there was a parve or chalavi kiddush in that instance. I've think I've also been in a place where an announcement was made that some of the candies were chalavi and that they shouldn't be eaten at the kiddush which was fleishig. I think most adults know enough to be careful. As for kids . . . it's their parents' responsibility to teach them what they may and may not eat, and when. That's the issue with kashrut and kids all the time.

                              And Nips? Never ever seen them thrown, and I certainly can't imagine any kid even wanting one, but Hershey's kisses and the like . . . now that's another story entirely.

                        2. Regarding the chometz question, the corn syrup for Ashkenazim would be prohibited during Passover....

                          1. a. did she say Pesach? I didn't see that.
                            b. marshmallows seem best to me
                            c. why do the candies have to be individually wrapped if they are in a bag?
                            d. what on earth is so wrong with nibs? i like them, personally and I also think the kids will eat anything that's in those bags while they are waiting for the grown ups to let them into the kiddush
                            e. jellybeans are good too.

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                              No the chometz question was my mistaken belief that the fruit gems were chometz gamur. (Genuine made-out-of-flour chometz.)

                              Sorry for the confusion.

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                                You may not have been mistaken. Citric acid *can* be chametz, though it needn't be.

                            2. Speaking of which, when exactly did it become popular to throw stuff at a bar mitzvah? When I were a lad, which is not *that* long ago, it was only done for a chosson, which makes sense because it's probably a fertility ritual. When did it spread to other simchos?