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Apr 3, 2011 08:40 PM

Any place serve Vienna Beef brand hot dogs in Calgary/YYC?

This is a brand made in Chicago that is sold in virtually every hot dog / burger joint in Chicagoland. It's also in some other cities in the US. I was watching the Cubs today, and they said they started serving them at Wrigley Field. I miss their unique flavor and is probably the biggest, most popular brand in the Midwest.


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  1. Please let me know if you ever track them down. I've never had them and am deliberating trying to get some shipped up here to try them out.

    Tubby Dog or Le Chien Chaud would probably be the most likely bets, but I've never heard of them specifically having vienna beef brand dogs.

    Tubby Dog
    1022 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 0A5, CA

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      I've been to Tubby Dog, and to be honest, their hot dogs taste like a cross between grocery store franks and my Jr. High's cafeteria.

      Tubby Dog
      1022 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 0A5, CA

    2. I moved from a large US city too, and it took me about 8 years to come to grips with the fact that i'm in Calgary, and there really isn't much I can do about it. the problem is that this is a small city that really wasn't much before about 20 years ago... and therefore, the city doesn't have a very well developed or unique cuisine, especially relative to some US cities that have hundreds of years of history. Now of course, some Calgarians will feel offended by that statement (and that's not my intention at all), but those same calgarians will travel to Kalispell, Montana, and complain about the restaurants, theatres, and stores there... how they feel so "50 years ago." it's really that same feeling when coming to Calgary from a large US city.

      Anyhow, cambot, unfortunately you're going to have to just get used to it. I've learned to buy and import foodstuffs from the US, via mail or anytime I travel down to the states, and to cook them in my own kitchen. i can now make a thin crust pizza, e.g., that rivals anything you'll fins in chicago or the midwest.

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        One of my favourites is made by Freybe, a Vancouver company, an absolutely excellent European Wiener with natural casing. I've purchased them at Costco and Superstore. They're better than any "hotdog" I've ever bought from a street vendor.


        The rest of their products are excellent as well.

        1. re: Scary Bill

          Thanks Scary Bill. It's odd that Freybe's online orders are US only. I will definitely check them out, though.

          Nonlinear, I agree that getting better in the kitchen is the key for those with palates more attuned to a richer cuisine environment (even though I asked about hot dogs, haha). I've begun making a killer chicken taco with some queso fresco which can be found at a mexican/latin market on the north side. Only problem is corn tortilla chips are all of the Tostitos variety in Calgary, but just pick up some white corn tortillas and fry your own.

          I love living in Calgary and will be somewhat sad at the end of the year when I return to the States, but good Tex-Mex, street food and pizza can almost make up for expensive health care and increased crime and pollution.

          Now back to hot dogs / links / sausage... please keep ideas coming folks.

          1. re: Cambot

            you can get nathan's hot dogs at crossroads market. There is a woman who sells great chicken sausages at various farmer's markets around the city. a far cry from what you're looking for, i'm afraid, but they are vey good nonetheless. there is Le Chien Chaud on 4th street in mission - not my thing but you might like it. and finally, there is a german guy named Klaus who makes a variety of excellent sausages and sells them at the old CFM. i can't recall the name of his company off the top of my head, but i'm sure you could find it by googling.

            1. re: Cambot

              "Only problem is corn tortilla chips are all of the Tostitos variety in Calgary"

              Not true. Check out Tres Marias, 3514 - 19 St. SW. http://www.tresmarias.ca/

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                It's not hot dogs, but if you work downtown, try Yodeling Sausage on 8th Ave.
                Here's a thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/735061
                There are benches nearby to eat on.

          2. Ive got a jar of nuclear green relish and a jar of sport peppers in the pantry. No steamed poppy seed buns or Vienna dogs to be found in Calgary though..

            How about those Italian beef sandwiches. They are damn tasty too.

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              In the panty? Burns, doesn't it?

              Yes, the Italian beef is awesome, but I can only miss one local Chicago delicacy at a time. Deep dish pizza, polish sausage, polish food in general...

              I just figured since they package Vienna Beef, and it tastes so awesome, there might be some in Calgary.

              1. re: Cambot

                Have you never heard of Polcan or Jan's? They are true Polish. Maybe not "Chicago Polish" but pretty much Polish like Poland.

            2. Ok, not Vienna Beef, the staple of a Chicago dog, but bought some Nathans and went about obtaining the fixin's for Chicago style dog because Mrs Scary was in Chicago a few weeks ago and wanted to recreate the experience. No problem with any fixin's except the poppy bun and the sport peppers. Easy to make poppy buns, just find a good bun, eggwash it. sprinkle with poppyseeds, bake hot for a couple of minutes and there you go. The key was finding a sport pepper substitute and we found one that is incredibly similar, just a little bit hotter. The Italian Store (Scarpone's) carries a brand from Macedonia called Vipro in a clear medium sized glass jar. The peppers are yellow rather than green, but otherwise are a very close substitute.

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              1. re: Scary Bill

                Where on earth did you get the nuclear green relish that is also a trademark element of a Chicago dog?

                1. re: tex_in_yyc

                  Tex, it's easy to make. Buy the cheapest sugary green pickle relish you can find. My choice in NoName relish. It looks pretty radioactive as is. To get a brighter green, and the proper flavour, add some finely chopped fresh mint leaves to some relish, and there you go. Some places add green food colour on its own, without the mint, but that doesn't result in the proper flavour.
                  Don't forget to shake a bit of celery salt on the assembled dog as well.