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Apr 3, 2011 08:03 PM

Taiwanese Breakfast Sandwich (Bacon Hanbao)

Hello there, When I lived in Taiwan I used to get these amazing breakfast sandwiches with egg, bacon, onion, and a sweetish butter. Does anyone know either a place in or around Vancouver that replicates this (it has to have that sweetish butter) or where I can get it or what that spread is actually called.
Thank you JD

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  1. If you mean the breakfast sandwiches from mei-er-mei, I've literally been searching for the same thing for ever! Unfortunately I think I'm on the verge of giving up. The only other Taiwanese breakfast place is that soymilk place in the food court upstairs in President's Plaza.

    1. Never been to Maple Castella Bakery (nor heard of them until now), but they sound Taiwanese and you might have a chance with them:

      Another Taiwanese bakery I *do* know about is Tachia Bakery on MacDonald, between Alamein and Oliver on the west side:

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        I would try a place like Superwok downtown on Alberni where they serve other Taiwanese tidbits (eg gua bao.) I have been there a few times, but I have never noticed hanbao. Joe from Vancouverslop wrote about Superwok here

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          I have noticed that they do have breakfast sandwiches (or just sandwiches in general) that are now advertised in English on one wall and in Chinese on another, though - if memory serves - it's not quite a literal translation from one wall to the other. I do remember the Chinese sign offering a ham, egg and X (couldn't quite make out the characters) sandwich, so that could be what you're looking for. Cannot bring myself to go early enough for breakfast, but that's only out of sloth and not a statement on the restaurant.

          Superwok has also added more dishes to their repertoire: a pig trotter rice, ba wan, jiaozi, hakka sticky rice, taro/yam dessert dumplings, etc. It's still hit and miss, but an amazing oddity in the general downtown area.

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            Okay: I went to check it out again. There is a breakfast menu on one wall, and a sandwich menu on the other. Both are in English, though there are two items on the sandwich menu that are not: these are two sandwiches that contain pork floss, which I suppose there is no solid English translation for.

            I did order a ham and egg sandwich with a steamed man tou bun. It is how it sounds: a fried egg, ham, a salty bean-type spread, a fluffy man tou bun. Not sure if that's what you are looking for or not. I suspect the other sandwiches on the menu are just that: sandwiches.

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              I'm guessing the "special sauce" you had in your brekkie sandwich is Tian Mian Jiang:


              Sort of a sweet salty soybean sauce, similar to Hoisin Sauce,

      2. Unfortunately we have not yet found a place that serves the breakfast sandwiches you are talking about. It may be out there, but has not yet been discovered by us...

        I believe the one you are looking for is something like this...
        This was our deluxe burger, and instead of four slices of toast, we asked for two (mainly because Buddha Boy cannot have too much carbs)...

        A more normal one is like this...(off goggle images)...

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          Hello. Is this how hanbao is like? Gmex77 description does not sound like your images.

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            Thank you all for the replies, I will try super wok... I don't know if this will help, but I took these pictures on my last layover: and though the actual sandwich ones as foodforbuddha displayed look great as well