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Apr 3, 2011 07:52 PM

Orlando - Farmers Markets?

Trying to find a farmers market, or markets, in the Orlando area.

Looking for produce, mainly, and ideally meat, but understand (or read) some only offer local produce.

Anyone have any favorite markets?

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  1. The Winter Park Farmer's Market on Saturdays is quite awesome.

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    1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

      Thanks for the quick reply!! I'll check it out Saturday.

      Do you happen to know if any meat is offered, if so, are all the selections good?

      1. re: jdmfish

        A few people have meat, and at least one vendor has fresh seafood. I admit I haven't bought many perishables there -- mostly prepared foods for lunches while I wander around -- but I'm sure it's all excellent quality. Winter Park is full of rich folks and yuppies and hipsters who are getting serious about local, organic, farm-to-table food.

        1. re: jdmfish

          They do offer meat. One vendor for locally raised meat and eggs is near the blocked off street that is part of the farmers market (sorry I don't know street names, but it is pretty obvious when you scope it out). I bought two free range chickens there, and they were tasty. I also picked up a guinea fowl that I just haven't used. Never bought red meat, so, no comment there. Meat is all frozen.

          Two seafood places, one in the big outdoors place, one indoors. One outdoors. It looks to me like most of the things are frozen, but I've never bought from them and I could be wrong. Seems like you may have more options going just a few minutes down the road and buying your seafood at Lombardi's.

          1. re: Goannaman

            Thanks for the helpful replies! Appreciate it. :)