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Apr 3, 2011 07:40 PM

America's Next Great Restaurant (Spoilers 3 Apr 11) (RANT)

Am I the only one who is completely irrated with the Grill'Billies? When these two won, I about flipped my sh*t. From day one, this couple has bothered me. They are like two uptown yuppies who have no idea what BBQ is yet continue to use BBQ 'buzzwords' like they know what they are talking about. They started out calling their place "Hicks" yet neither of them appear to be a 'hick' nor appear to even be from the South. They are confused about the difference between grilling and BBQing. Have they ever owned their own smoker? Do they know what a firebox is? A pitmaster? How long it takes to get a bone-in pork shoulder to pull? The effects of different types of wood on what you are smoking? Yet...they won this week and they are starting to gain momentum. Why? Because they are a cutesy couple? Stupid hollywood....

As for Saucy Balls, is no one going to mention that this dumba$$ is serving a lot of red sauce and he picked a uniform with a white tie?!? That tie is going to look horrible at the end of a shift for one of his workers.


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  1. I think the Grill Billies have a regrettable name for their concept, but it might work. While I too am stickler for knowig the difference between BBQ and grilling, I found Curtis Stone to be annoying. Of course grilling isn't BBQ, but they can and should do both because about 80% of the people in this country do not know the difference. If White Castle can have a pulled pork sandwich (even though it's terrible) then these guys can too.

    The Brooklyn guy surprised me by seeming to be willing to listen to the investors. The whole Goodfella's thing was ridiculous.

    They sent the right guy home tonight. He still doesn't want to do dipping sauces because it wasn't his idea or in his business plan. Hell, this guy is so stupid he doesn't even wish to have a grilled cheese sandwich on his menu IN A GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH RESTAURANT.

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    1. re: John E.

      I'm not sure I agree with the dipping sauces in general tho. I think if he had really great grilled cheese, tuna & cheese, bacon/tomato/cheese, etc., it'd be a place I'd visit at least.

      And I agree w/ chris2269 about the Chipotle's guy's insistence on having the food be hand held. Maybe the Indian dude could have one item in a wrap style but no one goes to an Indian food place expecting to carry out their food in one hand. Not sure I'd give up going to Chipotle cuz of the owner's views tho (have only been twice ever).

      1. re: Joanie

        While I disagree w/ the chipotle guy as well, every time he says that I think of the newish place in the harvard sq garage called Chutneys, which IMO ain't bad. I think that's what he's trying to push the spice coast guy towards.

      2. re: John E.

        this show is so bad. they take dumbasses who have no business running any business and empower them through access to all kinds of experts who create their vapid visions generated on the spot. what a huge waste of time.

        1. re: celfie

          i would like to mention though that there is a grungy indian restaurant in a food court here with a tandoori oven. They make their own naan breads to order, put an assortment of fresh condiments and boneless tandoori meats on top. They kind of fold the naan holding it together with foil. This is the best sandwich ever so it is not so far off to create a sandwichy indian dish. There are more polished and corporate mall indian restaurants with wraps and the likes. Curtis Stone may be so against the idea because he is british and they're way more exposed and open to indian food. It's not simply a matter of americans adjusting to indian food. That's not how the british became accustomed to it

          1. re: celfie

            You honestly can't tell the difference between a British accent and an Australian one?

            1. re: jackbauer

              i guess i haven't paid much attention to him

        2. re: John E.

          I was watching an ep of Unique Food last night on the cooking channel, and they had a grilled cheese food truck that actually made me want to go there. At no point did the meltworks guy do that. His stuff looked no better than the crappy ass grilled cheese place in the train terminal here in boston, and I hate that place.

        3. I have been a chipotle customer since they have opened. It has gotten so bad at points that they did not even ask me for my order they knew. I know this is reality TV so its not reality. but based on the total D ish ness of their founder. Not one dollar from me again. "people need to be able to eat your food walking down the street"...really ...really? Try eating a Chipotle order of tacos to go or one of their burritos while walking down the street... what a D.
          Also before this show I loved Curtis Stone from Take Home Chef. After this show and again it may be the show and producers but why would you allow a show to change your image? OH yea lots of money.

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          1. re: chris2269

            I agree with you about Curtis Stone! I really loved him and his show, Take Home Chef, and thought that he seemed to be a really friendly guy (which he probably is? I'm not so sure anymore), but he's making a real turn-around in his image on The Next Great Restaurant. Maybe he'll be more pleasant as a host on Top Chef Masters...who knows. Surprisingly, Bobby Flay appears to be the least rude and most likable out of the 4 investors on this show...well at least to me, haha.

            1. re: chris2269

              ITA about the douchiness of Chipotle Boy

              How stupid is it to think you *must* make your food capable of being turned into a taco!

              How are these people in charge of ANYTHING?

              Go Soul Daddy!! Represent the D (and I actually think "The D" wouldn't be a bad name for a restaurant)

              1. re: chris2269

                Exactly what I was thinking--how can you possibly eat Chipotle walking down the street? So why is he even talking about their needing to do that?

              2. What bothers me about this show...everything. There are so many facets to a business. Having people with no design background put together a uniform and the design guy just sitting there taking notes and not offering advice is wrong Usually when you have the resources to open 3 restaurants (bad idea) you have people who design the resataurant, uniforms, do marketing, do studies to see what people like on the menu and don't like. McDonalds takes months and years to put out a menu item.

                The judges or whatever thier called need to get together on things. One group is telling the Indian guy one thing and the other group is somethng else.

                The Chipotle guy and Bobby flay know it all. The Chipotle guy got lucky with his concept. Of the hundreds of restaurants that open only a hand full usually make it. Besides the illegal workers and now mass firings He doesn't seem to be the best person for business advice.

                As for the Grilled Cheese idea. I sell various grilled cheese sandwiches along with burgers and salads for delivery only. The grilled cheese sells very well. I think the idea with the right person would be a great restaurant. Who cares of its not a true grilled cheese sandwich if people are buying it.

                They should call this show America's Not Next Great Restaurant.

                1. When I saw the grill people pour Diet Coke into their meat, I was reminded why I do not eat at fast-food places. If I have a single drop of Aspartame, I can have a seizure. That is how sensitive I am to it. I thought, how clueless can they really be, and that none of the investors called them out on it.

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                  1. re: pitterpatter

                    I found the diet coke weird. shouldn't they use regular coke?

                    1. re: pitterpatter

                      I thought it was weird that they didn't use regular cherry coke. The only problem with using the diet coke is if they don't label it as a diet coke glaze. I've made root beer and cola glazes before but always used the regular soda. It would taste better reduced to a glaze.

                    2. HOLY COW THIS IS TOO FUNNY
                      LOOK AT THE MELT WORKS WEBSITE

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                      1. re: celfie

                        All the Meltworks guy wanted was the money to open his restaurants the way he envisioned them. He didn't realky want any input from the restaurant professionals because he knows his concept and his vision is better than any of the suggestions they had. Besides that, his menu and website are already done, he had no place to put the signature sauces.

                        1. re: John E.

                          this guy is waiting for a handout. he has played make believe and hired design capable people to reinforce his ideas. Instead of building from the ground up and paying his dues, he has sat on his rear waiting for the day someone throws money his way. obviously no one is going to invest in this idea because all he has done is conjured up this stupid idea of serving paninis in a loft. the idea is stupid, the name is stupid, the logo is stupid. Curtis Stone was correct when he said the entire concept sounds fake, contrived and corporate. This guy is going to sit around feeling sorry for himself when he didn't do a thing to make his so called dream happen. If he is passionate about the concept, nothing is stopping him from opening a restaurant - plenty of people open restaurants without venture capital.

                          1. re: celfie

                            And, that's why restaurants have such a huge failure rate- not enough capital when they start.

                            But, I do agree about how the ridiculousness of his vision. People love grilled cheese because it reminds them of home and simpler times but that clashes with his industrial, corporate concept which was implemented in the name and logo to the design of a sleek, modern loft. When I think of grilled cheese sandwhiches, do I really want to be thinking of gears?

                            Although, I do wonder if his concept would have been better received by the judges if instead of promising them grilled cheeses he had come out and sold them on a concept of a cafe selling panni sandwiches which his what he was really selling.

                        2. re: celfie

                          And, you should make sure to click on the press section of the website, a single article bout them back in 2008. At that point, even before they even opened up their first store, they were already talking about opening up 75 locations in 7 years. Almost three years later, they still have yet to open up even 1 store...